Guatemala expels 300 migrants, mostly Venezuelans

(CNN) — The Guatemalan Institute of Migration will expel a group of approximately 300 people, mostly Venezuelan migrants and some Ecuadorians, who were located this Saturday after entering the country without complying with the established immigration requirements.

This is the second operation of these characteristics this week, amid the detection of a growing flow of Venezuelan migrants who, according to the Guatemalan authorities, are seeking to reach the United States.

The migrants remained at the Central de Mayoreo, in the country’s capital, and were located during a migration control operation in conjunction with the National Civil Police and the Ministry of Defense.

Credit: Guatemalan Institute of Migration

“Aware that migration is a right, it is sought that people comply with the established migratory requirements to enter, transit and stay in the country,” the authorities’ statement said.

Another group of 200 migrants was located and expelled this Thursday for having entered irregularly, according to the authorities.

According to the Guatemalan Migration Institute, an increase in Venezuelan migrants entering the United States from Honduras has been detected since last June.

From January to date, according to figures provided by Migration to CNN, 12,570 Venezuelans have been expelled for having illegally entered their territory.

Credit: Guatemalan Institute of Migration

For this reason, the Guatemalan authorities have increased controls on the borders with Honduras and the main highways.

Groups that support migrants in Guatemala call this exodus “silent caravans” because they are small groups, made up of 50 or even 100 people. However, they assure that, although it has been a constant flow, until recently, it had not aroused the interest of the authorities.

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