Daughter of Canelo Álvarez celebrated her XV years with a party in GuadalajaraMediotiempo

On October 12, Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez celebrated the 15th anniversary of the birth of Emily Cinnamonhis first daughter, although it was until this Saturday when the celebrations took place in the city of Guadalajarawhere the boxer usually spends his best afternoons.

Around 4:00 p.m., relatives of the undisputed 168-pounder began to gather in the Guadalajara Cathedral, the venue where Saúl married Fernanda Gómez in May 2021mother of her daughter María Fernanda, the fourth and last, until now (the other two are Mía and Saúl Adiel).

Mass began half an hour later, to the surprise of onlookers who were impressed by the Emily Cinammon red dress with a train 6 meters longin addition to a diameter of about four meters, to which the designer Wil Medina put his style.

Now I simply continue with my sport, school and studies and give it all the desire“Commented the young woman outside the religious compound.

Canelo has not expressed himself on his networks, although a couple of days ago he wrote: “The best thing that could happen to me 15 years ago. I love you my daughter, always be very happy. Emily, happy fifteen”.

He asked Grupo Firme

In July it was revealed that Emily had asked her father to have Grupo Firme at her party, something feasible not only because of the millions of dollars that Saúl has in his bank accounts, but also for the great friendship he has with the members, especially with Eduin Caz.

“Could be”Canelo said then, trying to describe the great party that his own daughter was preparing, although at the time the note was written it was unknown if he fulfilled it.

“It is very difficult to prepare for that, but now she (Emily) is the one organizing everythingnow she is organizing it, all I want is for her to be happy with her XV years and now we have to celebrate it as it should be, “said the man from Guadalajara.

In social networks it has been mentioned that one of the special guests is Checo Pérez, with whom Saul has a close relationship, which has been made clear on several occasions; The Red Bull driver is in favor of the fact that the next race is in Austin, so he has no complications getting around.

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