Belinda dresses up as the Grinch to receive Halloween and detonates the internet

We are in the middle of October and one of the dates most longed for by many is also approaching, so the famous begin to get ready for the Halloween. so lets see Belinda who went shopping to get everything ready for the celebrationfor now you already have a costume that will cause a sensation.

Belinda goes shopping for horror

the singer is a faithful follower of the Halloween partiesso I take advantage of his stay in Mexico City to visit a store whose specialty is articles alluding to terror. This was announced by the also actress, through their Instagram storieswhere he shows us the route he took in the establishment.

Belinda in the “Castle of Terror”. | Photo: Instagram @belindapop

There, something more What caught Beilnda’s attention was the costume of a green character who is not a fan of Christmasbut that captivated the interpreter. The Grinch, apparently, will be the costume that the actress will wear in the celebration of Halloween. also through a video shows that this was not his only purchase.

Chucky, Anabelle and other things complete the list of fear that Belinda made

In the clip, youYou can also see a replica of Chucky the evil doll, as well as the doll that represents Anabellewhich we met in the first instance in the movie “Conjuro” shown in 2013 and that later had its own story a year later under the direction of John R. Leonetti.

During the clip, in the background you can also see a series of bags with the decoration of a pumpkin smileso we can assume that Belinda made quite a few allusive objects for that day of terrorwhich will be unforgettable after the difficult times the world went through recently.


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