Another hit for the Cyclone! Marathón, with a goal in extremis by Félix Crisanto, takes the tie from Motagua and leaves the leadership exposed


Horse that reaches… well, this time he didn’t win, but he managed to at least get a tie with the flavor of victory at the Yankel Rosenthal stadium in San Pedro Sula.

Marathón came from behind to rescue a game that was losing 0-2 against the tournament leader, Motagua. The Blues went on to win with goals from Ángel Tejeda (20′) and Denil Maldonado (55′).


The first came at minute 20 after Sergio Peña fouled Carlos “Zapatilla” Mejía. Said Martínez did not hesitate and scored the penalty. Tejeda planted himself in front of Víctor García, made his shot to the right and beat the goalkeeper.

Félix Crisanto was the Marathón player who was doing the most damage to Motagua, the winger was impeccable down the right wing and even caused a yellow card for Wesly Decas who couldn’t stop him.

For the second half, Motagua came out managing the threads of the game and at 55 an impeccable front by Denil Maldonado gave the “Tota” Medina team more advantage on the scoreboard. The defender took advantage of a ball hanging from a corner kick by “Colocho” Martínez and defined above all.

Everything indicated that the blues were going to take the victory, but they did not have their plans for the return of Marathón. Clayvin Zúniga, top scorer of the tournament, was the one who started it all.

He lost his sight and was disabled, but now he fulfills his dream: Don Santos attends the stadium for the first time at 76 years old

The purslane forward danced Denil Maldonado with a bicycle, cut inside and took an unassailable shot for Marlon Licona. Zúniga already has 9 days in the Apertura.

For the closing of the game, exactly at minute 94, Félix Crisanto scored the final tie goal. Once again Motagua stumbling over the law of the ex.

And yes, a few days ago it was the “Mango” Sánchez and today the Purslane side. Félix rose and headed in a cross from “Chapeta” Vargas. The defender took advantage of Licona going wrong and decreed the final 2-2.

The Blues exposed their lead (30 points). A win for Olimpia on Sunday against Olancho FC will see them share the lead in Apertura 2022.

On the next day, Motagua will face UPNFM, while Marathón will face Vida on a visit.


1. Victor Garcia
7. Isaac Castillo
8. Sergio Pena
9. Clayvin Zuniga (GOAL)
10. Damin Ramirez
14. Javier Arriaga
15. Allans Vargas
19. Luke Bell
21. Odin Ramos
23. Juan Vieira
27. Felix Crisanto (GOAL)

Substitutes: Luis Ortíz, Bryan Bernárdez, Francisco Martínez, Luis Vega, Selvin Guevara, César Guillén, José Aguilera, Jefry Miranda and Victor Berrios.

46′ Selvin Guevara by Odin Ramos
46′ Jose Aguilera by Javier Arriaga
67′ Jeffry Miranda by Isaac Castillo
74′ Francisco Martinez by Juan Vieyra
82′ Cesar Guillen by Lucas Campana

Warned: Juan Vieira (11)

25. Marlon Licona
2. Denil Maldonado (GOAL)
4. Carlos Mejia
5. Marcelo Pereira (C)
7. Ivan Lopez
8. Walter Martinez
11. Angel Tejeda (GOAL)
12. Marcelo Santos
16. Hector Castellanos
17. Wesly Decas
32. Jonathan Nunez

Substitutes: Jonathan Rugier, Carlos Meléndez, Jason Sánchez, Eddie Hernández, Geovanny Bueso, Roberto Moreira, Jesse Moncada, Juan Delgado, Óscar García, Cristopher Meléndez and Yustin Obando.

63′ Roberto Moreira by Ivan Lopez
69′ Yustin Obando by Angel Tejeda
69′ Juan Delgado by Hector Castellanos

Warned: Wesly Decas (23), Jonathan Nunez (29), Marlon Licona (32), Denil Maldonado (46), Eddie Hernandez (46) Marcelo Pereira (52)

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