Actor of ‘Wedding Night’, the new film by Ludwika Paleta, dies at sea

Mexico City.

The cast of a film starring Osvaldo Benavides and Ludwika Paleta, Wedding nightexperienced a tragedy last Wednesday at Majahual Beach, in Oaxaca.

Some actors hired as extras and part of the film crew decided to go into the water, but three of them They were swept away by strong waves.

One managed to return to the beach, another died and one more is missing, reported the production house Traziende Films.

Three of our colleaguesbelonging to cast of extrasdecided to take advantage of their day off to visit a beach where, moments later, Due to the strong waves that prevailed in the area, it was impossible for them to leave the sea by their own means.triggering the terrible event where one of them lost his lifewhile another, at the moment, is missing.”

Fortunately, our third partner, due to the request for help and reaction from other members of this production, is safe and sound, although dismayed by the situation, “he announced. traziende in a statement that did not mention the victims.

According to local media, the body of the actor known as Marco Antonio Curiel Perez, 46 years old, was found later, in a rocky area, by elements of the Naval Search and Rescue Station of the Secretary of the Navy.

”In these sad hours for all of us who are part of the family Traziende Filmswe reiterate our solidarity with the families of our dear friends.

We have been and will continue to provide moral support to them, as well as facilitating the procedures that this situation warrants,” he added. Trace.

Benavides and Palette They reacted through social networks by sharing a heart with a black background in their Instagram stories, as a sign of mourning.

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