A company raises funds from the Next Generation for personalized medicine

The Catalan company genomcore has raised 919,610 euros from the Next Generation funds to allocate to the development of a project to implement personalized medicine solutions for cancer patients with metastasis. He is a specialist in digital solutions and data governance for the implementation of personalized medicine, and aims to “change clinical practice in the area of ​​oncology based on a better understanding of each patient’s disease”, as explained by the Ministry of Business and Labor it’s a statement.

The initiative also includes companies such as the MD Anderson Spain Foundation, Eurofins, Megalab, Artelnics, Pangaea Oncology, Quibim and Atris Health, which have raised 7.5 million euros from the Next Generation call for Artificial Intelligence R&D Missions to promote the project, which has a total budget of 10.6 million.

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The co-founder and CEO of Genomcore, oscar flowersexplained that with this project “for the first time it will be possible to test artificial intelligence algorithms with genetic data, medical images and real world data referring to the patient”.

Likewise, considering that the development of the project allows to advance in the “unique vision of Genomcore regarding the technological and market challenges that the implementation of precision health supposes”.

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