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In the last hours, the name of the Spanish singer Amaya Montero, ex-vocalist of the group ‘Van Gogh’s Ear‘, made trend due to a couple of photographs that he published on his social networks and which generated concern among his followers.

It was through your account Instagram (@amaiamonterooficial) where the singer twice shared a Yonblack and white snapshot where she is seen without makeup, disheveled and with a sad countenance.

Because the images did not have a caption explaining why they looked natural, some fans of the artist They didn’t take long to show their concernwhich increased after a message he posted.

“If hope is the last thing that dies and I haven’t lost it yet, what use is life to me?” was the text with which Amaia Montero He commented on his own post.

Despite the fact that one of the photographs was later deleted, the snapshot that still remains in the singer’s profile was filled with messages of support and love for the Spanish 46 years old.

“Life always works”, “We love you Amaya”“Whatever it is, whatever happens to you, we are with you”, Seek help Amaia… We will always be by your side”, are some of the more than 2 thousand 500 comments that generated the post.

Who is Amaia Montero?

Amaia Montero is a Spanish cante that was born on August 26, 1976. In nineteen ninety six became known as the vocalist of the group ‘Van Gogh’s Ear’a group that he left in 2007 and with which he achieved great success thanks to the songs: “Take care”, “Paris”, “The beach”, “Pop”, “You can count on me”, “January 20”, “Rosas”, among others.

After leaving the famous group, Montero began his career as a soloistwith which he also managed to place several songs to the liking of the public after recording several albums.

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