Ukraine completes four days of kamikaze drone airstrikes

Ukraine’s kyiv and Odessa provinces came under attack from Russian kamikaze drones on Thursday, as missiles rained down on key towns in the fourth day of shelling of a cornered Kremlin.

Jan sense, from the government it was reported that five people died this Thursday, October 13 in the city of Mykolaiv, in southern Ukraine, after Russian missiles hit an apartment building in the city.

Within this attack, It should be noted that an 11-year-old boy is part of the dead, according to the regional governor of Mykolaiv, Vitaliy Kim.

Kim also said the boy had been trapped under the rubble for six hours before he was rescued and taken to a nearby hospital where he later died.

“There are no words!”, published the governor in the Telegram messaging application announcing the child’s death. “Terrorist creatures,” Kim said of the Russians.

Kim also reported the death of at least one man under the rubble of a destroyed bus station in Mykolaiv; it was unclear if he was included in the initial death toll.

On this occasion, the artillery attacks also caused great damage in the Nikopol region, a Ukrainian city located on the other side of the Dniper River, close to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, which is already occupied by the Russians.

For its part, Russia’s fleet of Iranian-made kamikaze drones kept air-raid sirens blaring around kyiv and Odessaalthough early reports indicated no deaths attributable to these slow-moving weapons.

Instead, Ukraine’s air defense reported earlier that day that six of the drones had been shot down, as well as the destruction of four Russian cruise missiles in flight.

The new Russian bombardment comes after the destruction of the Kerch bridge, a critical route for supplies between Russia and occupied Crimea. kyiv has not claimed responsibility for the attack, which the Kremlin has described as “terrorist”.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces have taken control of several more towns in the southern province of Kherson, while Russian forces have claimed to have taken some ground in Donetsk.

Both provinces are among four that Russia claims to have annexed after a flawed referendum last month.

World War III: Russia threatens to escalate the conflict if Ukraine joins NATO

World tension due to the recent events in Ukraine, as part of the war that has been waged there for eight months due to the invasion of its territory by Russian troops, is reaching more and more dangerous levels, since Although Putin has threatened to resort to whatever methods are possible to maintain control over the recently annexed territories, now a new threat from the Kremlin has also become known, which responds precisely to the possibility that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) accepts Ukraine as a member of its organization.

In that sense, from Russia, this Thursday, the undersecretary of the Security Council of that country, in statements collected by international media, warned that, take this view, this would be the trigger for a Third World War.

Alexandr Venedíktov’s pronouncement It is known about the recent request filed by Ukraine with NATO, and after the determined support that the organization has expressed in the face of recent requests for the establishment of an anti-aircraft shield that allows Ukraine to repel bombing like those it has suffered in recent days, and which, according to Russia, have corresponded to retaliation for the attack on the Kerch bridge last weekend.

In his speech, the Russian politician warned that both Ukraine and NATO are aware of the escalation of the conflict that would result from the official entry of that country into the multilateral organization, pointing out that the escalation is the step to trigger a bloodier war , giving a step to the confrontation taking global connotations.

In that sense, Russia’s warning has dissuasive interests, both for Ukraine to desist from its request, and for NATO to heed the call.

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