Today’s horoscope, October 15, 2022, of all zodiac signs

In today’s horoscope, Saturday October 15, Jupiterthe planet of prosperity and good luck, will invite you to have a positive and hopeful day to risk a little more in decisions.


Today the Universe will generate a very positive vibration for you to look at the weekend with the best of colors, feel well-being and joy and fill your mind with good thoughts. This will be especially for the benefits that you will receive from Jupiter, which will give you the strength to express what you feel or return to the person you love.

You will learn to choose joy as the emotion that you will live, you will look around you and enjoy everything you have achieved by your own means. In this order of ideas, it will be with this joy and empowerment that you will approach the person you love.

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Today Jupiter retrograde will fill you with opportunities to continue these days calmly and feeling happy. This will be so that you can analyze the possibilities that arose in the week of having positive work changes.

On the other hand, since you will feel so much vitality and energy, you could fall into some kind of exaggeration of plans or an excess of showing affection.

But whatever you do, it will be good that you enjoy it, so take advantage of this impulse to record in your mind the positive phrases that will stimulate you every day and thus have the best possible vibration.

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Jupiter is the planet of expansions and today it will invite you to do it a little more than you can imagine. You will feel this vibration inside you as a special challenge so that you give once and for all to show yourself how much you can do and solve for yourself.

In addition, the mentioned planet will make a combination with other stars, which will make you take risks in decision-making and promise more than usual. This kind of challenge is what will make you go a little further and show you that you should not stay considering only your fears, but that you deserve to be happy.

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The perfect harmony of the Universe balances everything. That is why today, through the synchronization of Jupiter retrograde and the Moon, it will give you a day so that you can relax after having spent a work week of feeling bad about yourself. So you will really want to laugh, to be happy and you will be encouraged to plan.

But you must be careful not to promise more than you can deliver. If you are realistic, you will achieve your hopes and you will see that you will make work issues flow in a good way and without boss impositions. In this way, you can make your own decisions.

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Today Jupiter, a planet associated with good luck, joy and prosperity, will invite and advise you to leave your most comfortable side. According to your horoscope, it will stimulate you to take risks and make decisions according to your ideals because by doing this you will be able to have a more dynamic and entertaining life because you will leave your comfort zone.

It will be a day for you not to take anything the wrong way, nor to consider anything seriously, also to let problems go by and thus accept the challenge that the benefactor planet proposes to you today. If you don’t, you’ll be ruining your day and it won’t be worth it.

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For months now, several planets have been activating the economy area of ​​your horoscope. This is why you will be more aware of the administration of your finances.

But, in addition, you must pay attention to new opportunities coming to you and coming to look for you from other companies thanks to your experience, having this month to accept these new proposals.

If you did not dare to make a decision, Jupiter today will invite you to take that risk because it is what favors you the most. Dedicate yourself to deploying your imagination and generating your best creations of what you want to achieve to enjoy it.

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Today the Universe, through different planets, will make a positive energetic combination to invite you to be more optimistic, see life with better colors and teach you to plan on a larger scale than you are used to.

As you will do all this under the influence of Jupiter, associated with positivism and ambitions, you will have an optimism that is not very common in you, since it is often difficult for you to look at the future with more hope and joy.

Try to take a few minutes during this day for yourself and let yourself be carried away by your imagination. This way you will open your mind more and you will see how you can build your future without obstacles.

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Today the Universe will balance the planetary energies so that you can relax and continue with a good day like yesterday. You will feel a great desire to laugh, to be happy and you will be encouraged to plan, as a result of the great hopes you have today. In addition, Jupiter, the planet of expansions and joys, will invite you to add a little more risk and even fun to your day.

Dare to make riskier decisions, do the ritual with cinnamon to attract peace and tranquility and look at everything with more optimism. So you will enjoy the good times and share the abundance with your friends and loved ones.

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Today will be a good day for you to take advantage of the positive vibrations of the Universe and for you to see everything around you with a more beautiful and bright color, since Jupiter will generate a good influence towards your sign and will motivate you to be more risky and take decisions that any other day you would not make.

With this movement of the mentioned planet that rules optimism, you will be able to refresh or create a new concept of happiness. You will also create new projects, you will live moments full of good feelings and well-being and celebrating everything received so far.

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Before getting entangled with family tensions and taking definitions of business transactions related to family wealth, take a deep breath and feel the good vibration that Jupiter will give you, combining with lunar energy to give you a few minutes of internal well-being.

In this way, you will be able to see everything positive around you and you will know how to enjoy what you have obtained. On the other hand, the aforementioned planetary movement will motivate you to finally make the decision to buy your own house today and that will mark an advance or growth in your life.

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Many days you wake up thinking about whether or not you continue with your daily routine and accepting work and professional limits, at which point your self-discipline and perseverance incline you to continue with all this. However, today the Universe will motivate you to look at everything in a positive way and take a little more risk.

You could do this by talking to your bosses and exposing your goals to them, even starting a new job search. With these attitudes you will be making a conscious energetic movement that will favor you to build a better immediate future.

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Since yesterday, the Universe has been generating a special influence for you so that you can be happy, enjoy prosperity and have greater confidence in yourself and in your abilities to do business. But today it will add one more element, through Jupiter, to make you happy and lucky in love.

Take advantage of this moment to do the Aphrodite bath, the ritual that will help you become an irresistible person. In this order of ideas, it will be the time to start planning, since your optimism will be exalted and you will be encouraged to set higher goals.

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