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Until a few years ago, the notion that “work life” and “personal life” were two separate concepts was widely shared in companies. However, in the wake of the 2020 pandemic, a large-scale change in ideology became popular and accelerated.

Now, more and more companies and collaborators understand that what happens inside and outside the workplace must be in tune. This allows not only to reduce frequent problems —such as high staff turnover or “silent resignation”—, but also generates more commitment among all teams and helps their sense of mission.

“The dimension of well-being has to do with everything that makes people believe that life is worth living,” says Rosalinda Ballesteros, director of the TecMilenio Institute of Integral Well-being Sciences.

Ballesteros, who has dedicated his professional career to talking about the importance of well-being and happiness, points out that promoting this culture in organizations is increasingly pressing, since “before 2020, between 10 and 15% of the population needed help for mental health problems; and today it is increasing.

“Life is too short to only be happy on the weekend”: Rosalinda Ballesteros

For the director of the TecMilenio Institute of Integral Welfare Sciences, organizations are key to promoting a culture of well-being among their employees.

For this, he suggests adhering to a scheme known as PERMA. This derives from an unforced choice theory of welfare; that is, people must freely choose to follow it to increase their well-being.

The aspects proposed by PERMA are the following:

  • Be aware of positive emotions, to be able to value them and replicate them more frequently.

  • Generate commitment to the present tasks.

  • Foster positive relationships with other people, in order to strengthen support networks.

  • Find what makes life worth living.

  • Boost the sense of accomplishment.

“Well-being is something that is lived day by day, plus the goals you set for the future,” explains Ballesteros.

Factor Wellbeing: a badge for organizations that promote wellbeing

In order to promote and recognize companies and organizations that take actions where the wellbeing of employees is at the center, the Institute of Integral Wellbeing Sciences, together with Business Insider Mexico, awards the Wellbeing Factor distinction.

The companies that have received this certification will be announced on October 17 at Wellbeing 360, an annual forum focused on promoting well-being.

In this edition, the event will be held in a hybrid way. On October 17, in person and free of charge at Centro Citibanamex; and from October 18 to 21, it will have a virtual program, made up of speakers specializing in well-being and happiness from around the world.

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