Summary of the match Spain vs Mexico U-17 Women (1-2). GOALS”Halftime

Navi Mumbai, India /

Mexico Sub-17 won 2-1 to its similar Spain in a match that took emotions to the limit. The best players: Tatiana Flores and Monserrat Saldivar They gave the necessary push to the squad Ana Galindo that closes the Group Phase against Colombia to define their pass to the next round of the Women’s U-17 World Cup India 2022.

After a quiet first time and with more impressions than emotions, the complement was in charge of giving show and decide the winners of the match.

Fatima Servin regretted a great direct shot on goal, but it hit the crossbar and missed the opportunity to celebrate a great goal. Without a doubt the play of Monse was the best with a late pass that Tatiana put for Servin. Maribel Flores She was in charge of opening the scoring at minute 47.

A change without reason transformed the party. Ana Galindo took out Servin when he was in his best moment in contention with Alice Soto from Pachuca. This hurt the Tri and the tying goal fell.

A Renatta Cota’s mistake was used by Judith Pujols. The goalkeeper rose and could not keep the ball that remained alive for Pujols’ touch.

Spain definitely raised his danger levelat 81′ they celebrated 2-1, but thanks to arbitration the score was not valid for a lack that was not entirely clear, however it benefited the Aztec team.

Galindo knew how to recompose his system and gave entrance to Katherine Pebble, who helped regain midfield. In the final line, Tatiana got along perfectly with katherineFlores recovered the ball and held it to give the pass to her teammate who crossed to Saldívar’s just arrival to push the ball and thus the Mexicans regained the advantage.

The VAR controversy

During the compensation time, the VAR made a controversial appearancen when generating the alarm of a possible penalty in favor of the Iberians for an alleged foul inside the area. The game had already run its course when the hissing, Edit Mirabidova, was requested from the monitor.

Michel Fong and Vicky Lopez They collided on the edge of the area, the VAR detected the action of the Mexican as missing, but after reviewing the center ruled out the penalty and so Mexico finished with the result in their hands to add his first three points.

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