Shakira was “the hook” to close the millionaire businesses of Kosmos: these were the 3 key events in which Piqué used the singer to amass fortune in his company | People | Entertainment

Shakira and Gerard Piqué built not only a home, but a partnership in businesses in which they obtained many dividends. And now, with the breakdown of their relationship, the discussions are focused on dividing the assets and deciding on the custody of the children.

According to the last interview with the Colombian singer, for years he knew how to be unconditional to the footballer, always thinking about his professional interests and on that path he did not skimp on being a support even in the transactions he carried out in the company he formed in Barcelona.

The millionaire earnings that the player obtained through his company leaves no doubt that he has not only known how to be successful on the soccer fields. Kosmos Global Holding, created in 2017, was born under the premise of breaking paradigms in the way of doing media and sports business, and it is confirming this.

Shakira was key to the success of Piqué’s business

The Barcelona defender managed to get a prosperous business that gave him the profits he is used to getting in his life as a famous footballer. Two years after its foundation were enough for the name of the company to gain popularity in the sports market.

With great partners that guarantee the solidity of the company, Piqué shaped a business that supports three sectors: Kosmos Tennis, Kosmos Studies and Kosmos Soccer. However, this year, the business came to light in a negative way due to the controversial statement in which the player was accused of being an intermediary in the organization of the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia.

And although he denied everything with a petulant statement in which he alleged that he did not found Kosmos to “generate money, because he could be lying on a sofa doing nothing”, the media assures that Shakira was a key player in the negotiations that her ex closed with through your company.

According to a review in El Universal, published by Semana magazine, the interpreter’s participation brought solid benefits, especially in three events that were key to Kosmos.

The first would be in 2016upon reaching the sponsorship of FC Barcelona, ​​and on that occasion, the singer agreed to suspend her participation in the AMA and Latin Grammy awards, to accompany Piqué in the meeting with the billionaire businessman who owns Rakuten, Hiroshi Mikitani, who decided invest in the culé team.

In 2018, the second great opportunity arrived, and through Tennis Kosmos, the singer’s ex managed to resize the Davis Cup format. The company won the rights to the tournament and restructured the international competition and turned it into an attractive format for all lovers of this sporting discipline.

The Spanish newspaper ABC published that thanks to the movements of the Catalan businessman, the aforementioned tennis organization managed to obtain almost 25 million euros, with which it was possible to modernize its structures.

In this deal, Shakira’s name came to light as she was the leading artist and in charge of entertaining the closing. That year, the title was obtained and Piqué received congratulations and applause for the result of the presentation of the mother of her two children.

The third point is considered of equal importance. by highlighting the contracts that the soccer player signed thanks to the name of his ex-wife, specifically with Sony Music Latin. With his business skills, he mixed music and sports in a complementary way as a key that attracts the attention of millions of people.

Knowing the famous singer was simply a “hook” that he used on many occasions to contact important businessmen who would ensure success for Kosmos.

In this way, the couple became the perfect duo for years in which it was beneficial and at the same time pleasant to close business with a celebrity couple highly known in the world of entertainment. (AND)

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