Christophe Galtier, PSG manager, explodes over ‘the Mbappé case’

After several rumors arose during the week that spoke about the possible exit of Kylian Mbappé -in January- from the ranks of the Paris Saint Germainthe coach of the Ligue 1 Champion, Christophe Galtier, ‘exploded’ at a press conference after being questioned on the subject.

The strategist of PSG It showed itself upset after they asked him on several occasions about the French striker’s situation, in addition to reproached to the journalists who football will not be discussed.

“The first thing is that you have to have expertise, experience and a certain age to manage all this in the best of cases. What I want to tell you is that they never talk (journalists) about footballl. I am here, I am the manager of PSG, I am proud and happy about it, and I finally realize that match after match, conference after conference, we have to talk about football for a minute in a ten-minute conference. And whatever I tell them, they don’t believe me because they write the opposite and say the opposite. I say that it is going well, that we are united and they write the opposite.

I’m not here to comment on rumours.. About Kylian, there were rumors that came out the afternoon of the game, Kylian had the best answers, played well and was chosen as the man of the game. I have many flaws, but I’m very honest, I’m not lying to you. To answer you about Kylian, I have not talked about ‘the rumour’, I have seen Kylian very serious in the preparation of the matchsaid the strategist.

Likewise, Galtier He took the opportunity to talk a little about environment that exists within your team. “Things are going well in the locker room. We may not kiss every day, but it’s going really well. And better than other places“, he commented.

Messi will play against Marseille

Another of the topics addressed by the technician of the PSG was the situation Messiof which he mentioned that could have action in the duel against Olympic Marseille next Sunday, although he made it clear that not yet a fact. “Leo is fit for the matchhas trained normally this morning, but we’ll see how he reacts to training sessions,” he said.

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