Brendan Fraser opens the door to a return that would make thousands of people happy

A brendan fraser We have a special affection for him. Why deny it? As much as fourteen years have passed since his last blockbuster and he disappeared from the media radar for a long time, his figure was etched in the memory of an entire generation of moviegoers. Those of us who grew up with the adventurous innocence of 90s cinema, where he had his influence through George of the Jungle Y The Mummy.

And now that he is living a sweet professional moment thanks to the applause he is receiving for his work in The Whale, the actor himself opens the door to a return that I am sure would make thousands of people happy.

Brendan Fraser at the premiere of 'The Whale'  in the United Kingdom in 1966º  BFI London Film Festival (Jeff Spicer; 2022 Getty Images, courtesy of the London Film Festival)

Brendan Fraser at the UK premiere of ‘The Whale’ at the 66th BFI London Film Festival (Jeff Spicer; 2022 Getty Images, courtesy London Film Festival)

And it is that brendan fraser is willing to make another movie The Mummy. how they read it In a special report dedicated to his triumphant return from the magazine Variety he said he was open to the idea. “I don’t know how it would work.” he pointed. “But I’d be open to it if someone comes up with the right idea.”

I imagine what they are thinking. Many actors say the same thing when we ask them about the return to a saga or success of the past, as if it were an answer to the use that, in reality, does not confirm anything. However, in this case there are many factors that make it a desirable idea for Universal Pictures.

In the same interview, Brendan Fraser also mentioned the reboot that Tom Cruise starred in 2017, that attempt to restart the story that neither contacted him nor had him at all. However, the tape was a disaster in many ways. Not only did it receive negative reviews, but it also generated so many losses due to high production and marketing costs that Universal ended up canceling their plans to release a saga about their legendary monsters. It was going to be called ‘Dark Universe’ and The Mummy It was going to be the first installment. Fraser saw it and realized that it was missing a key element that his trilogy did have: “fun”.

“It’s what was missing from that incarnation. It was a straight horror movie. [Pero] The Mummy should be an exciting ride, not scary or scary […] I know it’s hard to pull it off. I tried three times.” That is, Brendan Fraser is making it clear to us that if anyone knows what this saga needs to return to its splendor, it is the original adventurous and comic spirit. If we add to his experience the power of nostalgia, and the media phenomenon that haunts him thanks to the Oscar rumors, what better time than now to return with The Mummy 4?

But let’s go in parts.

Rick O''Connell (played by Brendan Fraser, left) faces a new threat in

Rick O’Connell (played by Brendan Fraser, left) faces a new threat in “The Mummy Returns.” (Photo by Keith Hamshere/Universal Studios)

As I said previously, fourteen years have passed since Brendan Fraser said goodbye (or so we thought) to The Mummy. The last time he played adventurous archaeologist Rick O’Connell was in The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008), a film that concluded the story leaving a listless aftertaste in the absence of the charismatic spirit and originality that made the saga a box office hit. Not only did they change the director and leading actress, but they doubled the budget and made less profit. However, the fact that the three installments raised more than 400 million dollars each, was proof enough that there was a special appetite and affection for the saga. And I think many will agree with me when I say that the main reason for its success was precisely Brendan Fraser and the outpouring of sympathy that connected with the audience.

If we were to put this success of the past on a scale together with the repercussion that the triumphant return of Brendan Fraser is having, they would probably be at the same level. Because when The Whale was first screened at the Venice Film Festival, the video of the six-minute standing ovation it received went viral, showing Brendan Fraser humbled by the applause, uncomfortable but happy, moved to the core.

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And the networks did not take long to react with joy to their triumphmotivated by the nostalgia and affection that his figure harbors through the weight of his films in the memory of the world, but also by the notion of being before a man who moved away from fame after suffering in life.

In this way, the video became a kind of symbolic image for the triumphant return of an actor associated with the past movie buff of a generation, which was opened wide when in 2018 he said that he walked away from fame due to different personal problems. . From the physical consequences of shooting action sequences, him being forced to undergo surgeries and treatments that took him in and out of hospitals for seven years. As well as a divorce, the death of his mother and the alleged sexual harassment that he claims to have suffered from a former president of the Golden Globes.

All this highlights the nostalgic niche that surrounds Brendan Fraser and, consequently, The Mummy, making it the perfect time for his return. We can take as an example the global success of Top Gun: Maverick, a sequel that arguably repeats the same original premise but that has been crowned the highest grossing film of 2022 thanks to the power of nostalgia spun to the 1986 film. Obviously they are very different films, but if we add to this equation the interest that Brendan Fraser is generating with his triumphant return, then we could be facing a successful formula.

And I don’t think it’s a one-off phenomenon that will go out of style when the world can see your work in The Whale. I had the opportunity to see the film at the London Festival and I can confirm that its delivery is worthy of all the applause, recognition and the Oscar. Because although Colin Farrell gives us the best interpretation of his career in Banshees by Inisherin (I could also see it), what Brendan Fraser conveys as a teacher suffering from morbid obesity and trying to reconnect with his daughter as a last chance for redemption, is of a sublime interpretive sincerity. Despite the prosthetics that surround every millimeter of his body, the actor intoxicates us with pain in this ode to compassion and self-forgiveness.

Brendan Fraser in 'The Whale', courtesy of the London Film Festival

Brendan Fraser in ‘The Whale’, courtesy of the London Film Festival

So I believe that when the world can see The Whale in theaters and his name leads the awards season, the conversation will expand to create an interest in his name and figure that will make the most commercial industry look back at him. If they haven’t already. After all, the repercussion that his return is having on social networks and at the media level, show us the world’s hunger for wanting to see him on top, triumphing again. And if Harrison Ford can play intrepid adventures like Indiana Jones again at age 80, why can’t Brendan Fraser?

The Whale opens in the United States on December 9, while in Spain we have to wait until January 4, 2023.

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