Belinda boasts a mini waist and new tattoos that are made in her honor

Belinda She continues “winning as always”, as she herself says, her phrase is repeated by many of her fans lately, with each new project or show of the singer, as well as with the photos she shares, such as the most recent ones in which she boasts of her spectacular figure and her mini waist.

She recently performed in Guadalajara and gave a lot to talk about by making a prayer sound in full concert in which she is proclaimed the “queen of the moorings”.

Beli, as her followers call her, has decided to humorously take criticism and teasing against her as a result of the end of her love relationship with Christian Nodal, one of the most constant attacks is that many of her partners, including her ex-fiancé Christian, got a tattoo in her honor.

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Nodal painted his then-girlfriend’s eyes on his chest, and when the couple thundered, said tattoo was edited and wings were placed. However, the regional Mexican interpreter and Lupillo Rivera, Beli’s suitor, are not the only ones who have something tattooed in her honor, also fans of the artist have done so.

In his Instagram status, the voice of “Sapito” posted a couple of cases of followers who had something tattooed in his honor, one of them placed his face and part of his body.


Another fan decided to tattoo the artist’s autograph.


The prayer to “Santa Belinda” refers to the devotion for tattooing the singer.

“Santa Belinda de los amores, patron saint of buggers, queen of moorings and of the enchanted toad, I ask you to perform a miracle for me so that they fall in love with me and that they have my name tattooed, amen.”

Belinda, great body

As part of the photos that Belinda took on her recent visit to Guadalajara, where she had to celebrate her father’s birthday while they were on the plane, the actress also left her followers open-mouthed again with a series of images in which show off your mini waist.

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During his concert he received applause for a show in which he made an impact wearing a thong pants.


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