Bad Bunny in the front row at the Eclíptica and Gabriela Berlingeri parade

On many occasions the urban singer, Bad Bunny, has proven to be a fashion fanatic. This time he had to be the spectator of the parade that the Puerto Rican brand Eclíptica carried out together with Gabriela Berlingeri, his sentimental partner.

While Gabriela modeled some of the designsthe interpreter – who wore a set of red jacket and pants and a printed scarf that covered half of his face – remained seated watching her carefully and sometimes clapping. That night, the star of the catwalk was her.

10.14.22 Bad Bunny with Marena Sofía in the Eclíptica parade at the La Concha hotel.
10.14.22 Bad Bunny with Marena Sofía in the Eclíptica parade at the La Concha hotel. (Stephanie Rojas)

Gabriela, who – has stood out on social networks as an influencer and the creator of the December 29 jewelry line – was the muse and collaborator of the “Perla” collection, created by the sisters Michelle and Norein Otero, designers of Eclíptica.

“It has been a great experience since it is the first time that I have collaborated with a brand. And what better with a Puerto Rican who has represented Puerto Rico worldwide with her art. In addition to the fact that it is a brand that I frequently use and we have worked on other occasions, ”said the influencer to Magacín.

For its part, the designers recognized the importance of creating alliances with other women who represent the femininity of their brand.

The “Perla” collection, aimed at the spring-summer 2023 season, was characterized by the use of light colors, rich textured fabrics and sensual necklines and transparencies. The essence of this proposal not only reflected Gabriela’s style but also the seal that has characterized Eclíptica for more than 20 years.

“It all started with the collaboration with Gabriela and then led to a more extensive collection. The materials remind us of that fantastic world of mermaids and that is how we began with the development of embroidered fabrics that were ordered to be made to our liking”, mentioned Michelle.

Look for more details of this proposal in this Sunday’s Magacín edition.

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