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The filming of a Mexican movie was painted from mourning after the past October 12 ° two actors were swept away by the strong waves of the Oaxacan beaches and one of them was found dead.

According to information from the State Coordination of Civil Protection in Oaxaca (CEPCO), the other interpreter is missing so it remains wanted by personnel from the Secretariat of the Navy-Navy of Mexico (Semar).

What happened?

According to several reports, the unfortunate event occurred in the Majahual beacha place where a group of actors who worked as extras in the film starring Ludwika Palette Y Osvaldo Benavidez which is named ‘Wedding night’They decided to spend their day off at sea.

Three from them entered the oceanbut due to the force of the waves two of them were dragged into the sea and they could no longer return to the beach. The third actor managed to be rescued and “He is healthy.”

Through their social networks, Traziende Filmsthe film’s producer, issued a statement in which confirmed the facts Y regretted what happened. “Traziende Films and the producers of ‘Wedding Night’ express, with deep pain, their deepest condolences to the families and friends of our colleagues that yesterday they suffered an unfortunate tragedy on the coast of Oaxaca,” he published.

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