For the fourth consecutive year, graduates of Hospital Damas approve the American Board of Internal Medicine

There are seven resident doctors who graduated from the Internal Medicine Residency Program.

The seven resident doctors passed 100% of the ABIM certification exam. Photo: Damas Hospital Inc.

The seven medical residents who graduated this year from the Residency Program of Internal Medicine Hospital Damas, Inc., have passed the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) certification exam. It should be noted that this is the fourth consecutive year where 100% of the residents who graduated from the Program pass the exam.

The Residency Program in Internal Medicine Hospital Damas was established in 1978 and is currently directed by Dr. Miguel Magraner Suárez, director of the Department of Internal Medicine Hospital and professor at Ponce Health & Sciences (PHSU). This program is duly accredited nationally by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

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“We are very proud of our residents, of their quality as doctors and future servants for the health of our country. A large percentage of the residents who graduated from this class will stay in Puerto Rico to provide health services to Puerto Ricans. We thank Hospital Damas and Ponce Health Sciences University for their support and commitment to the achievement of our resident physicians,” said Dr. Magraner Suárez.

The news comes precisely when the country is discussing the urgency of strengthening residency programs to facilitate the integration of new doctors into the workforce and prevent their rapid migration, which results in fewer health services for the general population. .

The Medical Director and director of the Hospital’s Graduate Medical Education Office, Dr. Pedro Luis Benítez Lorenzo, extended his congratulations to the seven residents for their great success. “The simple fact of obtaining 100% approval of the ABIM certification exam for four consecutive years demonstrates the quality of our residents and our Internal Medicine. I also thank all the physicians and staff committed to teaching and training our residents.”

Hospital Damas, Inc. also sponsors a Transitional Program, led by Dr. Alejandra Santiago Vives; This program is nationally accredited by the ACGME. Dr. Benítez announced that she is working to develop other residency programs at the Hospital.

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