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How did the exchange rate in Mexico wake up today, Monday, October 10?

The peso starts a new week with a slight appreciation. East monday tenth of octoberthe US dollar in Mexico is quoted on average at: 20.0522 pesos, with a small drop compared to yesterday that was quoted in 20,061 weight, according to With respect to the average in the purchase, it is located in 19.6303 pesosand the sale to 20.4741 pesos. (Update: 7:25 a.m.).

Next, see the exchange rate of different banking institutions in Mexico:
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Regarding the list. Of the banks mentioned in the list, the average for today would be 19.9228 pesos, being the second consecutive day that it is below 20 pesos. Regarding the purchase, it is located in 19,391 pesos and sale to 20,454 pesos. The best rate if you want to change dollars to pesos (have the bank buy the dollars for you) is offered by the Bansi. On the other hand, the best option to change pesos to dollars (that the bank sells you the dollars) is the Azteca Bank.

Price of the dollar in credit cards in Mexico:
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The average price of the dollar in the Credit cards would be 20.0483 pesos. The average purchase is 19,580 pesos and for sale 20,517 pesos.

For, which evaluates 32 sources from both institutions and banks, the average exchange rate from Dollar to Peso is 20.0522 pesos today in Mexico. The average buying exchange rate is 19.6303 pesos and the average selling exchange rate is 20.4741 pesos. (Update: Monday, October 10, 2022 – 7:25 a.m.).

How far is the euro?

As for the euro, The average exchange rate in Mexico is 19.5035 pesos, registering a slight fall compared to yesterday that was listed in 19.5831 pesos. The average buying exchange rate is 18,939 pesos and the average selling exchange rate is 20,068 pesos.

How much is Bitcoin?

Keep falling. With respect to Bitcoin (BTC), this Monday at the beginning of the day it is quoted in $19,373 (USD) per bitcoin, with a slight low compared to yesterday that he was in $19,496 (USD), as reported by Binance on its website. The USD to BTC price is updated in real time. bitcoin is -0.79% in the last 24 hours, +0.84% ​​in the last week and of -8.95% in the last month.

about inflation

According to Banco Base, in Mexico, inflation in September was at an annual rate of 8.70%, same level as in August, indicating a moderate decrease in inflationary pressures in the month. “At a monthly rate, inflation stood at 0.62%, the same level as that observed in September 2021. The decrease in pressure was concentrated in the second half of September, as annual headline inflation was below expectations, at 8.64% annually, down from 8.76% in the first fortnight of the month, while at a fortnightly rate it was 0.10%, compared to 0.41% in the first fortnight.

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