José Ramón Fernández calls Álvaro Morales “shameful”

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For some it is “new way” of making televisionfor others it is nothing more than a “cheap circus” mounted on what was once considered the most respected sports network. The controversy on ESPN by Álvaro Morales has been highlighted as a result of the scene in which the nicknamed Brujo climbed on a table for making fun of Chivas elimination in the Repechage.

José Ramón Fernández’s response on Twitter

The postures are divided, but it draws attention What José Ramón Fernández thought of Álvaro Morales and his behavior live on television. First of all, the historic journalist was asked what he thought of the attitude of his company partner towards Jorge Pietrasanta, to which he replied on Twitter: “No comment”.

They call Álvaro Morales ‘shameful’

That terse comment is all that is read in the profile, but it is not all that he “said” without words. Reviewing the comments they have “I Like” by Fernandez Alvarezthere is the opinion of a user who criticizes “shameful” to Álvaro Moraleswhile giving José Ramón as an example because “he did elegant television for many years” on TV Azteca and ESPN.

He may not have put it in his own handwriting, but it is clear that José Ramón Fernández feels sorry for how Álvaro Morales acts on televisionunderstanding that it is a character in the box that is presumed to be the “Top of the Industry” and that he conceives of TV as “entertainment”, although many do not like it.

Furthermore, it is no secret to anyone that the relationship between Fernández and Morales is very distantpractically they never coincide in the spaces of ESPN and it is not the first time that the veteran communicator criticizes one of the most controversial faces of the company.

What did Álvaro Morales do on ESPN?

In case you haven’t seen it, El Brujo Morales climbed on a table to shout in Jorge Pietrasanta’s face the elimination of Chivas in the Repechage round against Puebla, with Jared Borgetti and Héctor Huerta present in the studio while the Futbol Picante moderator did all his show.

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