Niurka boasts a great body while training with a tiny bikini, but was identified as an exhibitionist

Niurka Marcos turned on social networks with a video in which he once again showed off a heart-stopping body while exercising wearing only a sexy bikini, but It was not to everyone’s liking since some users called her an exhibitionist.

The former adventurer She is used to attracting attention for her comments on any topic, the fights in which she gets involved and in recent months for her courtship with Juan Vidal, which began during her participation in La Casa de los Famosos and that goes too far seriously, so much so that they already have wedding plans.

But the Cuban seems to have no limits and is also an expert in causing a stir within social networks with the daring workouts she does while wearing tiny bikinis; However, in one of her most recent videos she ended up dividing her opinions, because while some of her fans congratulated her on her curvaceous silhouette, some more of her criticized her for being an exhibitionist.

It was exactly in the video where he is seen on top of a stair climber that he uses to further tone his legs and buttocks, an exercise he did while wearing a tiny brown bikini with which of course their curves came out.

You have to give it rich my beautiful people… you don’t have to stop“He wrote at the bottom of the recording to motivate his followers.

But, although the vast majority of messages were congratulations on having a Spectacular body at 54 years oldIn addition to signs of affection on the part of her fans, this time not everything was positive for the vedette, since there was no shortage of those who pointed her out for showing more and even pro abusing the filters.

“Exhibitionism”, “Do not abuse the filters that you look ridiculous, I know how you are that you look more beautiful”, “Many exhibitions of this woman”, some users pointed out, for which Niurka’s true admirers immediately came to her defense .

The truth is that Niurka does not seem to care what they say about her, so she will surely continue to share her hot videos in which she is smiling while exercising, as she was seen weeks ago wearing a blue micro bikini, where she added another phrase to motivate his fans: “hard until the body holds,” he said.

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