VIDEO | “The devil sucked her”: Chiquis Rivera suffers a spectacular fall at one of her concerts

The Jenni Rivera’s daughter He has given much to talk about in the entertainment world where many characters doubted that his solo career would take off. However, time proved him right. Chiquis Riverawho now has a considerable number of fans.

That is why after some time without appearing in Mexican lands, the beautiful singer decided to surprise her fans, thus appearing in Pachuca, where she delighted her followers with her already classic musical themes.

However, during said concert, the Jenni Rivera’s daughter He suffered a small inconvenience, because just when he was singing at the top of his lungs, he lost his balance and fell on the stage.

However, the Chiquis Rivera’s fall It was not as spectacular as the one that Alejandra Guzmán suffered a few weeks ago, who did have to undergo medical surgery.

In fact, Chiquis Rivera He quickly rejoined his position on stage and even made some jokes about what had happened before continuing to sing one of his songs. Although this did not make her escape the comments of the hosts of “Ventaneando”, who ironically said that she had already sucked the devil.

Prior to your presentation, Chiquis Rivera She took the opportunity to send a message to all those people who came to question her talent, showing them that despite all her predictions, she is managing to make a place for herself in the world of entertainment.

“In this life it’s about taking risks, that is, I’m going to throw myself into it, I’m going to do it, because I always have to say ‘I prefer to live with what I did, I tried it and it didn’t work’ than to live my life and say ‘I didn’t out of fear’ and that is the best advice I can give them,” he assured Chiquis Rivera.

In this sense, he exhorted his fans to fight for their dreams and not be intimidated by the comments of others, since finally those who are going to succeed or learn from their mistakes are themselves.


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