Atlético and Barcelona close the transfer of Griezmann, who will sign until 2026

Atlético de Madrid and Barcelona have already closed a total agreement for the transfer of Antoine Griezmann to the rojiblanco team, with which the French international will commit in his new contract until 2026, According to EFE sources close to the negotiation assured this Friday, with which there would no longer be any limitation of minutes for the footballer, as at the beginning of the course, and points to ownership against Girona.

The pact already reached by the three parties, which is expected to be official next week and also includes the French attacker’s new contract with the rojiblanco club, which will link him for the next three seasons, in addition to the current one, gives definitive free rein to Diego Simeone, the coach of Atlético, to line up Antoine Griezmann for as long as he wants, after being conditioned until this week to enter the field after 60 minutes, with the only exception of the derby against Real Madrid and the last duel against him witches

Last Wednesday, the digital media ‘More Athletic‘ anticipated that the operation was agreed for 20 million euros plus variables.

His participation from half an hour to half an hour in the first seven official commitments of the season against Getafe, Villarreal, Valencia, Real Sociedad, Celta, Porto and Leverkusen, until the derby against Real Madrid, which he played from the start, to return to the substitution in Seville, and then to the title in Belgium, responded to the pressure measure adopted by the Atlético board forto lower the price of 40 million euros of the mandatory purchase option that included the transfer in the event that the footballer played at least 45 minutes in 50 percent of the available matches in two seasons.

“I always had the same situation and I behave in relation to what I think I have to behave (…) I have always behaved in the way that I understood I had to behave. And I refer to the facts. From there, we know the importance that Griezmann has within our team and hopefully he can continue to improve and grow, because he is on that path,” Diego Simeone, his coach, said this Friday.

In that sense, Griezmann was currently at 68 percent of games played in which he met that requirement. Since his loan in the summer of 2021 from Barcelona to Atlético, the forward had played at least 45 minutes in 32 of the 47 games that Diego Simeone has been available for between last season (30 of 37), with 81 percent , and the current one (2 of 10), 20 percent, although the new agreement will leave all those calculations behind, because the French striker will be rojiblanco without waiting for the end of the course.

Neither at Atlético, until this season, nor at Barcelona, ​​not even with Ronald Koeman, nor at Real Sociedad, since he was promoted to the first team, would he have gone through such a long series as a substitute in his professional career. “It is what it is. It is not in my hands. I am grateful to be here. My family and I are happy. I want more, but I am going to give everything in the minutes that I play. Everything for Cholo (Simeone), for the club, for the fans… And enjoy it,” Griezmann said a few weeks ago, in statements to ‘Movistar’.

Now he will be an Atlético player until 2026, with whom he has won three titles (a Europa League, a continental Super Cup and a Spanish Super Cup, apart from having played a UEFA Champions League final in 2016) and with whom he has scored 144 goals in 303 games in all competitions; 133 goals in 257 games in his first stage between 2014 and 2019, before his ‘flight’ to Barcelona, ​​and eleven goals in 46 duels since his return to the team on loan from the Barça club in the summer of 2021, which postulate him for achieve the scoring record of the entity’s 119-year history.

He needs 28 more goals to reach Luis Aragonés, the best of all with 172. Before that, he will have to surpass Francisco Campos, with 146 goals between 1939-48, champion of the first two Leagues in the history of the club, then under the name of Atlético Aviación and managed from the bench by Ricardo Zamora, and Adrián Escudero, with 169 goals between 1945 and 1958 and champion of two Leagues, in 1949–50 and 1950-51.

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