“After the 1-6 against Barcelona with PSG I started doing therapy”

Edinson Cavani, Valencia’s Uruguayan striker, spoke this week about the importance of mental health, spoke about Federico Valverde and Cristiano Ronaldo, and stated that the essence of football is currently being lost.

In an interview with the website relay.comCavani underlined the happiness that it gave him to return to play officially, already adding games with his new team in La Liga.

“Playing already fills me up, but I have to get fine, be calm because things cannot be anymore. It’s a new team, with teammates you don’t know, so it takes a while. Coach Gennaro Gattuso told me to start small, but that I looked good and I had to play. I like challenges”assured.

Cavani said he was ‘with a more accurate vision of what life is’: “It may be that I am more serene, I also work hard to stabilize emotions and learn, above all”.

The Uruguayan indicated that he has done therapy for many years and revealed: “The first time I started doing therapy was after Barcelona’s comeback against PSG in the 2017 UEFA Champions League (where Barça won 6-1 at the Camp Nou after losing 0-4 in Paris for the round of 16)” .

It had affected me a lot and there are things that overload you. In five minutes, everything we had been doing changed. It’s such a big blow that you can’t control and that, although it’s football, it touches other parts of you, with symptoms of anxiety, cold sweats… I was wondering: ‘Do I have a problem with my head?’ I went to the PSG doctor, whom I love, and he told me that what is happening to me, happens to many people in different areas. I realized that he was not a superhero”, highlighted the striker in Relief.

Cavani was also consulted about some world football figures. For example, he pointed out about the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, with whom he coincided at Manchester United in the 2021/22 season: “We talked a lot with him, we had dinner several times together, we shared many thoughts about football.”

“We had a different life story, but we both came from below and when that happens, when you put so much effort into giving your people better opportunities, you learn a lot of things. TWe had a pretty similar ideology of life. He’s a natural guy. In short distances it is much closer. Always think about working and maintaining that level. It is in all the details”, said the Uruguayan.

Then he stood out over his compatriot Federico Valverde, Real Madrid midfielder: “In the National Team we have shared little because we are from different generations. Young people get together more with those of their age, but their present does not surprise me.

“Not only that it has grown in a brutal way in these last two years, which has improved, but also how it has adapted to European football. Go to Deportivo La Coruña and gain experience. He returned to Real being up to the task. Follow that fidelity to the work of the Uruguayan soccer player. In addition, we accept challenges no matter where you are, we grit our teeth. He has made a name for himself in European football.”he emphasized.

Finally, Cavani was critical of current football, saying: “The mischievousness is being lost with all the technology, social networks… We are training soccer players who have to comply more with a Play Station profile. I have listened to colleagues who do not know if they like football. Maybe they like going out on Instagram more, playing video games…”

“I have my way of life and football is a way of life, it is not a separate thing. In Manchester, there were situations in which I talked about how football, at a point in my career, I began to take as a school, where we have to be open to learning from coaches, teammates… If not, you end your career empty ” , he expressed.

And he concluded: “You end up with money and possibilities, but if you don’t use football to learn what life is, it’s useless. I have pretty clear ideas. I don’t have the little book of happiness, but this is the way I think my way of life should be. I never exceeded my achievements, I make mistakes because I am a human being.

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