Tigres de la UANL and the absurd charge to fans for watching the mediocrity of the playoffs

The UANL Tigers qualified for the 2022 Apertura playoff by adding 30 units and ranking fifth in the general table (Photo: Ricardo Hernandez/Jam Media/Getty Images)

The UANL Tigers qualified for the Apertura 2022 playoff by adding 30 units and ranking fifth in the general table (Photo: Ricardo Hernandez/Jam Media/Getty Images)

The UANL Tigers are installed in the Playoff of the Opening Tournament 2022 cast did not like completely to their amateurs. In the regular phase, the cats were positioned in the fifth position of the general table with 30 unitsso that did not reach to be in the top four and that way qualify directly for the league. Now they have to face the Necaxa Rays to access the quarterfinals of the championship.

The pupils of Michael Herrera they are in the eye of the hurricane and under the magnifying glass of their followers. For the fans, the campaign has not been what they expected and a large sector of them has shown their annoyance. As if that were not enough, the season ticket holders Have had to renew your subscription for the playoff stage and that has triggered any kind of comments.

Some network users criticized those who complained about the charge: “The Tigres fans have become SO RARE, that now they ask that they not be charged a Repechage ticket. Sibling: you bought a season ticket, YOU DID NOT BUY CLUB SHARES. If you think the team failed, and it doesn’t deserve you, don’t go and that’s it”, was read on Twitter.

While others focused on reproaching the Tigres board, because for them the charge should not exist for the “mediocre” tournament that the auriazules gave: “Paying to celebrate mediocrity? We should have entered directly, it should be free for subscribers. If they enter the league, we will be there, ”posted another Twitter user.

And yes, most would believe that buy a subscription at the start of the tournament would contemplate: regular phase, playoffs and leaguebut that It is not like this. The UANL Tigersaccustomed in recent years to fighting for titles and placing themselves in the top positions of the tournament, have taken advantage of the situation and contemplate the collection independently.

It meansl collection of the first 17 days it is autonomous to the repechage and the Big Party. Before the start of Opening 2022, the official website of Tigres disclosed the prices established to attend the regular phase. The costs were from $4,500 pesos for a locality in a general area, up to $42,630 pesos for a box; not counting the parking fee for which it was charged $3,400 pesos.

Therefore, now that the set of New Lion did not immediately enter the league, the payment of those who have the subscription It would have to be renewed and that irritated the feline followers Through the official Twitter account, the Tigers published a message in which they reminded the followers to renew their membership to support the feline squad ahead of the quarterfinals: “Remember that you have today and tomorrow to activate your subscription! and accompany us in search of the pass to the Liguilla!”.

up to the same Michael Herrera know that the new playoff format encourages mediocrity. The strategist recalled that the system that includes 12 teams with the possibility of fighting for the trophy of Aztec football was implemented to generate ratings in times of the pandemic, but all that was left behind: “We are making our football mediocreI always said that this part of the Repechage was good to alleviate during the pandemic, but a year ago it happened”, he commented at a press conference prior to the Matchday 17 match against Atlético San Luis.

As if that were not enough, Herrera’s arguments have sounded like a pretext and have not been enough to make the feline fans happy. During some games in which Tigres played at home, some of the attendees demanded that Herrera come off the bench. It was not so, the Louse continued to the front and will add his third consecutive league. Of course, without titles in between.

Also, the Louse and company will have to reverse the discomfort of their fans on the pitch. There are already two tournaments that UANL tigers have drifted for the championship match. In the Opening 2021, the cats fell at the hands of the Emeralds of the Lion and a campaign later they were defeated by the Atlas Foxes: Both times the Rojinegros lifted the title.


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