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Kevin Roldan He is not only one of the most recognized exponents of reggaeton in Colombia, being songs like ‘PPP’ and ‘Hasta Abajo’, both from 2019, the ones that catapulted him; but he too has been a controversial figure within the genre.

Rightly so in its popularity, it has a large mass of fans. On Instagram, for example, he has more than 10 million eight hundred followers.

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It was precisely on this social network that he shared with his followers the anguished moments that he lived in the company of who seems to be his partner when they were traveling on a plane.

Something super serious happened with the flight, we almost killed ourselves

The artist published images and videos in which he is seen boarding the aircraft, to later share a clip taken with the front camera of his cell phone in which, Visibly affected and unable to stop shaking, he assures that they had an incident that could have been fatal.

My God, thank you, son(…). My people, we almost killed each other, my people. I’m shaking, son(…). Thank my God”, Were the singer’s words in the Instagram story.

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What happened?

After the hours passed, Roldán explained what happened: He was unable to travel on the private plane due to a serious incident in which he and company almost lost their lives.

Something super serious happened with the flight, we literally almost killed ourselves, but thank God we’re fine. God is very big. And well, a very special greeting to all the people who worried, God bless you and thanks for everything”, Said the reggaeton player in a tone that reassured the fans.

Of course, he did not give much detail about what happened.


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