Fans died in the arms of my players, reveals DT del AremaMediotiempo

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The Indonesian football tragedy this Saturday that claimed the lives of more than a hundred people has left the Arema club players “marked for life”acknowledged the club’s Chilean coach, Javier Roca, who made chilling statements about how the misfortune was experienced on the field of the Malang Stadium.

“After the game I went to the locker room and some players stayed on the field. When I returned from the press conference I found the tragedy and the case inside the stadium. The boys passed with victims in their armsRock explained.

“The most terrible thing was when victims entered to be treated by the team doctor. About 20 people entered and four died. There were fans who died in the arms of players“, he added.

The unfortunate incidents began when Arema fans jumped onto the grass of the Kanjuruhan stadium, after the 3-2 loss against Persebaya Surabaya. The police tried to disperse the fans and return them to the stands by using tear gas after the death of two officers, which caused avalanches and uncontrolled movements.

i’m mentally shattered. I feel a very strong burden, even responsibility. The results command and determine what happens at the end. If we had tied, this would not have happened”, said the Chilean Roca.

“It was shown that the stadium was not prepared, they did not expect chaos of such magnitude. It was an avalanche. Nothing like this had ever happened in the stadium, and it was collapsed by the number of people who wanted to flee. I think the police overreached, although I was not in the field and I did not experience the outcome. Seeing the images, perhaps they could have used other techniques, “she added in her interview to the Being Chain.

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