What did you do with the shirt? Héctor Castellanos returns to Honduras after his experience marking Lionel Messi in Miami


The second Honduran delegation returned to Honduras after the tour of two friendly matches against Argentina and Guatemala, where Héctor Castellanos stands out at the wheel.

The “Dog” became one of the most famous soccer players at the international level for his particular way of personally marking Lionel Messi in that duel against Argentina.

The Honduran national team would face Saudi Arabia without players from Olimpia, Motagua and Real España

The player of the Motagua eagles was very satisfied with his actions in this double date of Bicolor friendlies, where they consider he took advantage of it.

“We try to take the positive out of both games, where we faced two great teams and ended with a win that is good for us. We closed well and that gives us confidence”.

Around the unique moment he lived in the match against Argentina, where he was the man in charge of scoring Messi personally.

“I take it very humbly, it is a privilege that God gives me, a beautiful opportunity. That remains as an experience in the mind, I was able to enjoy it and take out the positive”.

Castellanos revealed that he later took the time to personally analyze what he had done against one of the best players in the world.

“I was reviewing the duel and personally quite well, I marked him very well, I was close marking him strong and very aggressive, but very loyal. It was not a matter of going and kicking.

Beyond the difficulty of marking the Argentine star, the catracho highlights that. “I won many duels, but in front I had the best player in the world and he is for a reason. I get positive things and I did positive things.”

At the time of being consulted for the shirt that he exchanged with Messi. “It’s a treasure (the shirt), but don’t worry, I take it with great humility, I’m already focused on the league tournament, where it’s important to keep them in first position. We come to join with all the desire in the world”.

Castellanos confessed that the shirt will not be given to anyone and will have a special place in his career. “We will keep it.”

As for the mark he made to the Argentine player. “He trained, he’s ready and now we’re focused on Saturday’s match against Real España. I’ll join tomorrow, I don’t have time to get there anymore”.

He added: “Everything that happened in that game is positive for me and nothing. I’m happy, but I’ve already changed the chip and I’m thinking about Saturday’s game”.

The Motagua midfielder makes a very good assessment of these two challenges in which Honduras faced the FIFA dates in September.

“We tried to get the positive, in the first game it was against a team that was a candidate to win the World Cup, with good players and the second was important for the victory and that claw that was shown, since it was losing and with that is what we stayed, but there are many things to improve”.

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