The theory that the death of Pedro Infante was provoked

Pedro Infante and his controversial death
Pedro Infante and his controversial death

Pedro Infante was one of the greatest idols that Mexico has had, he was an actor and singer from the golden age of Mexican cinema, who was considered one of the best and to date continues to be remembered by the public, the life of the great idol de Guamúchil was not easy. He started out in a carpentry shop, which would later lead to one of his film productions.

He had his first opportunities as a singer on a local radio station, until in 1943 he was able to record his first album, so that some time later he was one of the great idols of ranchera music where his repertoire had more than 300 songs that are still listened to with great popularity throughout Latin America, after his tragic accident that caused his death.

The plane crash that Pedro Infante suffered took his life, and his death was very tragic that shocked the entire country that went to mourn him at his funeral, but many rumors exist around his death, as it is said that his accident was caused for a secret that Pedro Infante had in his possession, it is said that said secret belonged to the United States and that is why they needed to take the singer out of the world.

How was Pedro Infante’s accident?

All of Mexico was shocked on April 15, 1957, after Pedro Infante’s plane left the city of Mérida, Yucatán in the direction of Mexico City to sign his divorce but a few minutes after taking off due to mechanical failures and just a few meters high collapsed on top of a house and caused the death of the singer.

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