The DR and the US will negotiate the entry into the country of Global Entry

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Álvarez, and Troy Miller, deputy commissioner of the Office of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) of the United States Department of Homeland Security, signed a memorandum of understanding formally initiating negotiations to include the Republic Dominican among the partner countries of Global Entryan initiative that streamlines entry procedures to US territory.

Dominican citizens who apply and are approved to participate in Global Entry will be able to enter the United States using the control kiosks in the areas of the Federal Inspection Service of 85 airports in the United States and other countries.

Those Dominicans approved in Global Entry they will also receive the benefit of the TSA PreCheck program, which will allow them a faster inspection process at the security checkpoint for domestic and international flights departing from the US, eliminating the requirement to remove shoes, jackets or belts, as well as removing computers from carry-on luggage.

The officials highlighted the strong cooperation between the Dominican Republic and the US on migration issues and the fight against organized crime.

The Foreign Minister valued this agreement as a recognition that further fosters trust and the international travel relationship between two countries that are allies and friends. “Once it is fully implemented, Global Entry It will contribute to the growing tourist and business ties that currently position the Dominican Republic as an ideal destination to relocate North American companies in the region and strengthen supply chains,” he said.

“We are excited to partner with the Dominican Republic in working to welcome Dominican citizens to Global Entry membership in the future,” said Commissioner Chris Magnus. “Today’s initial steps symbolize our countries’ efforts and commitment to foster a relationship that facilitates legitimate trade and travel, strengthens the security of both countries, and provides a valuable benefit to our citizens.”

Ambassador Sonia Guzmán described this initiative as one of the most significant achievements of the bilateral relationship in recent years. “This has been a priority of our administration since we took office in Washington, and the Dominican embassy and CBP teams have spent months collaborating with their Dominican Republic counterparts.

Dominican to achieve this agreement. We thank Minister Álvarez for his vision and his support throughout this process. We hope to begin negotiations on the technical aspects as soon as possible so that the Global Entry program can begin to benefit thousands of travelers,” said Guzmán.

The diplomat stressed that when the country completes the process to become a partner of Global Entrythe Dominican Republic would become the sixth Latin American country and the eighteenth in the world to be part of said program.

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