Anuel is sued by his manager for breach of contract

Frabián Elí Carrión, who is the CEO of the company Real Hasta la Muerte, LLC, sued the artist in the judicial system of the state of Florida after he took away access to bank accounts and in a clear break in the employment relationship. and friendship, indicates the Metro Puerto Rico newspaper.

The document was presented on the program “I know everything” and says that in 2016 the career of Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago due to the sentence of 30 months in prison for illegal possession of a weapon and during that time the manager continued to believe in the singer while I worked for him without receiving any payment.

At another point, it says that Frabián Eli was added as a member of the company and has been CEO since 2019, however, on August 20, Anuel unilaterally terminated the contract and the manager was removed from the company account so that he would not had control of the artist’s finances.

According to the lawsuit, Frabrián and Anuel had an exclusive management agreement for the ragpicker’s career for seven years, that is, until 2026.

This is not the only legal problem that the interpreter of “Legends never die” has faced, because a month ago it was announced that he sued his ex-partner and mother of his son Astrid Cuevas for custody of the minor and in turn she accused of irresponsible parenting.

The mother of the nine-year-old boy submitted a document to the Family and Minors Court of First Instance of Puerto Rico where he says that Emmanuel Gazmey, the singer’s first name, is an absent father who communicates with the minor sporadically.

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