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The Health Secretary confirmed 260 new monkeypox infections in Mexico as of Monday, September 26.

Through its weekly technical report, the agency said that there are currently 1,627 confirmed cases in totalas well as 434 people who are currently being studied with a possible positive diagnosis of the virus.

monkey pox prevails in the big cities of the countryespecially in Mexico City, which accumulates more than half of the cases.

These are the states with the most cases of monkeypox in Mexico

  • Mexico City: 967.
  • Jalisco: 215.
  • State of Mexico: 141.
  • Yucatan: 72.
  • Quintana Roo: 39.
  • Tabasco: 24.
  • Chiapas: 20.
  • New Leon: 19.
  • Lower California: 13.
  • Morelos: 12.
  • Puebla: 10.
  • Veracruz: 10.

The 98 percent of confirmed monkeypox infections are in males, and the remaining 2 percent are in females.

The 47.4 of the cases in total they are concentrated in people between 30 and 39 years old, that is, 772 infections.

Are there deaths from monkeypox in Mexico?

The Ministry of Health reported that there are currently two people who died during medical attention and presented lesions comparable to monkeypox, and even presented a positive diagnosis.

“These deaths are under analysis by a group of experts in terms of infectology, to determine if there is a cause attributable to infection by the (monkey) pox virus,” the agency said in a statement.

In the world there are 65 thousand 295 positive cases of monkeypox distributed in 105 countries, as well as 26 deaths associated with the virus.

“There are practices that can increase the risk of infections, including monkeypox, such as: sex with unknown people, dark rooms or sex parties; this, due to the close contact between people during these activities,” the agency said.

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