Viral moments of Ariana Grande that we will never forget

Ariana Grandeis an American singer, songwriter, actress, music producer and fashion designer who can never be left out of our play list. She began her career in 2008 in a Broadway musical and later played Cat Valentine in the television series victorious from Nickelodeon. What she did not know is everything she would achieve by going solo since she has an incredible voice but an even more beautiful heart and here we have those viral moments that no one can forget.

So it’s time to let yourself go to learn more about what Ariana Grande has done with her life. Take note and enjoy everything that awaits you remembering those special days that everyone talked about Ariana.

When a fan asked him to sing again to record it

One of the most viral moments of Ariana Grande was when you can see that a fan asks her to stop singing and start again so that he could record her and Ariana listens to him and stops singing to tell everyone that she had heard the comment and agreed to repeat the song in an adorable way. It is a moment that fans and the media have undoubtedly talked about for weeks since they were given a cute and very funny gesture.

Your Thank U Next Video

All of Ariana’s videos tend to be in trend and become a hit, but the video “Thank U, Next” reached 50 million views in 24 hours in 2019. Being very popular for being full of references to well-loved tapes such as “Mean Girls”, “Bring It On”, “If I Had 30” and “Legally Blonde. Without a doubt, it marked one of the most important moments in her career. In the song she even talks about her ex’s and how she thanks them for the good they left her so it was also very controversial for that.

The Manchester bombing

One of the saddest moments in the history of music, when his album came out Dangerous Woman in 2016 and in 2017 he began his world tour. On May 22, in the middle of a concert at the Manchester Arena in England, a suicide bomber detonated an explosive in the stadium, leaving 22 people dead and 116 injured. So Ariana had a hard time getting out of those sad memories and moments but it was a time when artists and people from all over the world were helping Ari to get ahead and even did a concert to raise funds to help the injured and affected families.

When you have imitated other celebrities

It is impossible to deny that Ariana Grande is one of the celebrities with one of the most privileged voices. Making many fall in love with her great songs. In many variety shows she has been put to the test singing songs of other important celebrities and she has always surprised with how good she is at imitating Shakira, Britney or even Céline Dion.

His reunion with the cast of Victorius

If you are a fan of Ariana from the beginning, you will remember that she rose to fame thanks to her participation in the Nickelodeon series “Victorius” and then in “Sam & Cat” having a continuation with her same character as Cat Valentine. Achieving the first approach of her with Ariana to music since she used to sing and in an episode there is a very special song with Liz Gillies with the song “Give it up”. People remember her with great affection and Ariana moved fans by inviting Liz to a show to remember old times and sing together again. They have also had some reunions to show that they are all still best friends.

Mac Miller’s death

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller met in 2013 when they recorded “The Way” together and started dating in 2016. They had a very nice relationship that ended because of Mac’s addictions. It was in 2018 that he died of an overdose so Many took on the task of attacking Ari for blaming her for the singer’s death. She later put a very nice message in which she said goodbye to him and even dedicated songs to him at her concerts. It was a difficult moment but it marked something very important in her life.

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