Tom Hanks and Wilson stole the show in the MLB

Wilson, I’m sorry! Do you remember ‘Cast Away’, the movie starring Tom Hanks, in which his only company is a volleyball? Well the actor gained a friend for life and it is about that same ball, which accompanies him to several of the events in which he is invited and his last appearance was in an MLB game.

The actor was invited to throw the first pitch in the match between the Cleveland Guardians and the San Francisco Giants, and he went accompanied by Wilson, whom he introduced on the court, before going to the mound to throw the ball.

Tom Hanks Wilson MLB
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Wilson and Tom Hanks stole the show

The applause for the actor and his round partner, who rose to stardom in 2000, when the film was released, was to be expected. Once installed on the mound, Wilson did his thing and fled, so cries were heard from fans asking for the return of the ball: “Wilsoooooooo!”

Apparently the ball was manipulated by remote control and although tried to sneak away a couple of times, ended up returning to the side of his faithful companion, who is a fan of the Major Leagues.

Although in 2020 he was related to the Oakland Athletics, Tom Hanks Supports Cleveland Teams Too and for now he has already left his mark on the current season along with Wilson.

The bad news is that San Francisco beat the Guardians relatively easily.

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