Kylie Jenner is accused of being a “Climate Criminal”

It is not surprising that one of the Kardashian sisters is a trend in social networks due to some other scandal. This time, the youngest of this family, Kylie Jenner, recognized for having a small company that is responsible for selling vegan cosmetics, was the center of criticism for considering herself a “Climate Criminal”, because apparently the famous one does not hesitate for a second to travel in his private jet with which he covers very short journeys.

Thus unleashing the anger of many Internet users who have classified the action as a “Double Standard”, being recognized as an ‘Eco-Friendly’ and at the same time, destroying the environment in such a way.

This was released by a Twitter account, Celebrity Jets, which is responsible for making a record of flights made by celebrities, ensuring that Kylie uses the aircraft for journeys of less than 15 minutes, also stating that last Tuesday she made a trip just 3 minutes.

Recently, according to some media outlets, the American Solicited posted an image on her Instagram account that sparked even more controversy when she posted a photo on her Instagram account with her boyfriend Travis Scott, where she wondered if traveling on the jet from her, or his, unleashing thousands of comments, mostly negative, criticizing her for her lack of interest in the environment, such as:

“The lack of consideration is amazing”

“This is exactly what I’m recycling for”

“This is why we have to charge more taxes to the rich”

They wrote in the post that it had over 8 million likes, and it was deleted a short time later.

However, the website of the British radio ‘Capital’, explained that this issue sparked an interesting debate regarding climate change, where it was highlighted on social networks how important it is to fight against it, this being a responsibility that belongs to everyone. .

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