Brock Lesnar reveals details of his meeting with Muhammad Ali

Brock Lesnar is one of the most dominant superstars in WWE history. Nevertheless, he is not famous for showing his emotions in public. In fact, the fighter leads a private life, away from the spotlight, letting himself be seen only during his appearances in WWE and UFC.

That is why it is surprising to see him excited during an interview, something that we could see while he shared a story about how he met Muhammad Ali during an interview given to ESPNshortly after the boxing legend died in 2016. Then we leave you with his statements about it:

“I got to know Ali on one occasion and all I remember is that when I shook the man’s hand it was… he never spoke, at that time he had Parkinson’s, the disease had taken hold of him“, Lesnar pointed out. “But I remember that when he extended his hand, he didn’t need to say anything to me, it was just, not a strange vibration, It was such a nice handshake, and it was so… I can’t even put a word to it.“.

“So I felt something powerful emanating from him,” Lesnar continued. “I saw almost all of his fights, I met him once and He didn’t say a word to me, but I felt his presence and his power.

So it was shocking, no doubt. Here you have a guy who is a boxer who is selling tickets, someone who gets in the ring and does just what he says. He paved the way, it’s big business. You have to stand out on the outside, but also on the inside“.

Brock has stated on multiple occasions that he doesn’t watch any combat unless it’s important or it was a big fight.. That the fighter indicates having seen almost all of Ali’s fights, means that he really admired him, something that humanizes him, especially considering the image that fans have of him.

Meanwhile, Lesnar is away from WWE programming. Last weekend he participated in SummerSlam, where he faced Roman Reigns in a Last Man Standing Match with the WWE Unified Universal Championship at stake. However, he was ultimately defeated by the champion. Currently, It is unknown when he will make his return to the company’s programming.

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