This was Amber Heard’s alleged wild sex parties: prostitutes, alcohol, MDMA

Amber Heard He is not going through his best moment personally. First was the legal trial against her ex-husband Johnny Deppwhich she lost and is forced to pay 10 million dollars to the actor. Subsequently, the public exposure to which it has been subjected by the legal process. Lastly, Amber Heard has been in the news for a few alleged sex parties that he organized and of which, in theory, it is known who attended or what they were like.

With the username of House Inhabit, an influencer told with hair and signs what these types of events supposedly organized by the actress were like. Massive and with “large amounts of MDMA, alcohol Y sexual intercourse“, also revealed who the guests were.

The relationship between Amber Heard and Elon Musk

There are also testimonies from attendees at these parties who claimed to be “Amber Heard’s ex-friends“. These people revealed to House Inhabit everything that happens at these parties and also the relationship that the actress had with Elon Musk. Amber heard I met the South African tycoon in 2011 when he and his wife threw parties at their Beverly Hills residence.

From then on, the actress was a fixture among attendees for her “ability to attract other young actresses (normally lesbians) in trouble”. On the other hand, the testimonies reveal that they would have invited minors.

What happens at these Amber Heard parties?

The same profile explains that, at the parties, there were “a lot of young girls, rubbing against each other andIn satanic-style leather outfits on stage, Amber in a throne-like chair in the center. Legs spread like porn stars on display performing sexual acts in a room full of men watching”.

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