The Space Odyssey by Anna Kendrick and Toni Collette

After submitting to Mads Mikkelsen to one of the most extreme experiences of his life on the survival tape Arctic (2018), the Brazilian filmmaker Joe Penn He has his new movie ready. Only this time the isolation and threat to the survival of the protagonists takes place in outer space.

The film, directed by Penna and rewritten in collaboration with Ryan Morrison, its titled Stowaway and the starting plot could not be simpler or less suggestive: it tells the case of an engineer (Shamier Anderson, Wynonna Earp) who unwittingly becomes the accidental stowaway on a manned mission to Mars.

As if waking up suddenly on a rocket bound for another planet, with zero preparation and in the middle of a multi-year mission, is not already distressing enough, the presence of this extra crew member puts the life support of the rest of the astronauts

Anna Kendrick, Toni Collette Y Daniel Dae-Kim (lost) They make up the rest of the crew, the first being the medical researcher who has to deal with the measures considered by the ship’s commander to resolve the devastating situation they face.

You can see the first trailer below Stowaway, whose release date is next April 22 in Netflix.

Filmed entirely on the sets of Bavaria Studios in Munich and MMC Studios in Cologne, Netflix took over the distribution rights to Stowaway once sony pictures get out of his intention to release the film.

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