The old family photograph of the Kardashians with which we have freaked out

Photo credit: @krisjenner - Instagram

Photo credit: @krisjenner – Instagram

We all love to see old family photos and spend an entire afternoon gossiping about everything each of our relatives have changed over time. The truth is that there are many changes, both in our hair and in our face and also in our style that make us even look like a completely different person.

As queens of change, there are the Kardashian sisters. Their evolution over the years has been brutal and they themselves have spoken on several occasions about their aesthetic touch-ups or have been caught going overboard with ‘photoshop’. Yesterday, Kris Jenner Posted Some Old Family Photos With Her Mom For Her Birthday And, among all of them, there is one that has particularly caught our attention.

The reason? It seems that this photo is from the last century because they are very changed. Although Kourtney’s face remains the same (as fans have repeatedly claimed), Khloé and Kim have quite different faces. If you don’t believe us, check it out for yourself…

Photo credit: @krisjenner - Instagram

Photo credit: @krisjenner – Instagram

Flippy, right? The years always mean a change for the better for them. In addition, it is very rare for us to see Khloé brunette now that she is in her golden age, and never better said!

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