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Google also included the Drake’s new album in his battle so that Apple adopts RCS within iMessage, closing the discussion between “blue clouds” and “green clouds”. The Android Twitter account explained the meaning of Text Go Green to ‘tease’ the Apple and introduce support for the latest standard for multimedia messaging.

Google, Drake’s song to ask Apple for RCS support

On Friday Drake released his seventh studio album, “Honestly, Nevermind”. Among the tracks of the Canadian rapper there is one entitled Text Go Greenwhich gave Google an opportunity to return to insist with Apple for the RCS.

On Twitterthe official Android account has Text Go Green ‘explained’saying that the green cloud appears in place of the classic blue when a user has you stuck or if it uses Android. The song probably refers to the first option. But Google insisted that the second option would be solvable, but it all depends on Apple’s developers.

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For months, the green robot has been pushing for Apple to adopt RCS (Rich Communication Services). It is a modern standard for replace SMS and MMSallowing you to also send GIFs, stickers and all the other ways to communicate that we are now used to.

Using iMessage, if the other user has an Android smartphone, Apple’s messaging app switches directly to SMS. An option less rich than customizations. But even less safe compared to RCS. For some time, therefore, the Google team has been asking Apple to adopt the new standard. So you see only blue clouds on iMessage, even if the recipient of the text is using any of the text messaging apps on Android (not just Google Messages, it’s an open standard).

Perhaps Drake will be able to persuade Apple to adopt RCS? It looks difficult. But given the success that the Toronto rapper’s new album is having on Apple Music, maybe someone in Cupertino might change their mind.

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