The new and painful treatment of Kim Kardashian to harden her abdomen


The American television star has decided to stretch her stomach

Kim Kardashian, in a recent image.
Kim Kardashian, in a recent image.GTRES
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There is not aesthetic treatment to resist Kim Kardashian. Everyone knows his taste for improving his appearance scalpel through, something that she herself has confessed on more than one occasion. What she didn’t just do was show the same in the first phase of her. This time she has undergone a tummy tuck, what is known in the industry as a fractional remodeling of subdermal tissue.

In the story shared by the Kardashian on Instagram you can see his reddened belly by the use of the Morpheus8 laser. “Game changer. I made a morphing laser [SIC] to tighten my stomach @drghavami ‘s spa @gpsaesthetics,” he writes. He had no problem confessing that, Although it is very painful it is his favorite laser since “worth”.

It’s about a laser that acts on the subdermal tissue of the body and face to treat cellulite and localized fat, as well as to transform aged features and achieve a more youthful appearance. And he gets it by fractional RF, as highlighted by the beauty company Inmode.

Hoping for improve the appearance of your abdomen, Kanye West’s ex-wife continues to openly show the treatments she undergoes. She published a few days ago on her profile on Instagram her morning makeup routine and with which it removes makeup. For this, a facial product is applied that exfoliates the skin of the face and that she herself promotes. A few weeks ago I spoke with People on how happy she is with her skin right now: “There is nothing I would change to go back to who I once was. With the wisdom I have now, I don’t care how young I look. I’m much happier with my skin,” he reflected.

On the other hand, follow kicking his controversial divorce of the well-known rapper. After several misunderstandings, the relationship between the two might not be as bad as thought. A recent gesture by the Kardashian has been interpreted as a hint at Kanye West. In one of his last photos on the beach, Luca a t-shirt with the message The Incredibles. Something that has been related to an intervention that the musician did in 2019 in the reality show of the family, when comparing its members with the protagonists of the animated film.

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