The diaries of Patricia Highsmith, a police icon, arrive in Argentina before the end of the year

The “Diaries and Notebooks (1941-1995)” of the American Patricia Highsmith, an icon of black police in that country, in which she reveals details of her personality, her sentimental life and her work, and inspired the filming of a magnificent documentary, they will be published on August 31 in Spain and will arrive in Argentina before the end of the year.

Edited by Anagrama, the work that last year saw the light of day in its first edition in the United States thanks to the work of Anna Von Planta, who compiled, ordered, transcribed and edited more than eight thousand handwritten pages, now arrives for the enjoyment of the followers of He speaks Spanish and is expected to arrive in Argentina before the end of the year, according to that publishing label.

Author of “Strangers on a Train”, made into a film in 1951 by Alfred Hitchcock, “The American Friend”, filmed in 1977 by Wim Wenders or “The Talented Mr. Ripley”, which hit the big screen in 1999, From the hand of Anthony Minghella, starring Matt Damon and Jude Law, in these diaries, Highsmith confesses romances, tortuous relationships, infidelities, casual sex and many names, nothing different from the great and tortured writer, lesbian, controversial, libertine, with racist inclinations, aggressive and terribly lucid that was.

In an arduous task, Von Planta worked on 18 diaries and 38 notebooks where Highsmith also wrote in French, German, Italian and Spanish, without necessarily mastering any of these languages, which made the interpretation work much more sophisticated.

Highsmith (1921-1995) began keeping these diaries at the age of 20, and the entries to those confessions describe her as someone of great complexity: “My New Year’s toast: to all the demons, lusts, passions, ambitions, envy , loves, hates, strange desires, ghostly and real enemies, to the army of memories with which I battle: never leave me alone, “he wrote in the early hours of January 1, 1948, at the age of 27.

“Sex, for me, should be a religion. I have no other,” he wrote in an entry on August 7, 1941, still a student at Barnard College in New York. something”, giving an account of a lucidity and intensity dissonant with the patriarchal puritanism of the time in which he lived.

Some of the resonant names that are read in the newspapers are those of Truman Capote, Dylan Thomas and Wim Wenders. Those pages also speak of the success of his novels, of the film adaptations, his nocturnal wanderings, his love affairs with generally unavailable women, his perception of constant loneliness, and his growing eccentricities.

Careful of her privacy and secluded until her death in her Swiss home in Locarno in 1995, the newspapers fed the documentary “Loving Highsmith” by Californian Eva Vitija-Scheidegger, which was screened these days for the first time in the programming of the Atlántida Film Festival in Filmin, from Palma de Mallorca.

Present at that festival, the Spanish director Fernando Trueba, confessed to being a fan of Highsmith’s work and anticipated, according to the newspaper La Vanguardia, that his next film, which will start shooting in September, will be “a tribute to Highsmith. (Telam)

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