Suing the ex… became fashionable?

Two months after the trial won by the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean against his ex-wife, also actress Amber Heard, for defamation, another lawsuit on the stands promises to steal attention. Is about the lawsuit that the singer Marilyn Manson has filed against his ex-fiancée Evan Rachel Wood, who, very much in the style of Amber, decided to file a legal action against him, in which he accuses him of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

In fact, in the last few hours a series of messages published by the Daily Mail and that Manson and Depp crossed in 2016, when the singer lived with his girlfriend Lindsay Usich, and what he tells the actor: “I have an Amber 2.0… I have a serious police scenario, Amber type, with L’s family. I’m fucking stressed. I don’t know if you’re back, but I need asylum somewhere because I think the police might be looking for me… Lindsay took the Amber out of her and filed a police report”, are some of the phrases to which the British newspaper had access and that are barely known.

But Manson’s current legal mess is not against Lindsay, but against his ex-fiancée Evan Rachel Wood. The singer has promised to wage a legal battle similar to the one Johnny Depp experienced a few months ago.

In SEMANA we remember the top 5 of the most mediatic demands in Hollywood and in Latin America.

Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson
(EXCLUSIVE, Premium Rates Apply) TORONTO, CANADA – SEPTEMBER 10: Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson at the Gala Screening of Sony Pictures “Across The Universe” during the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival held at the Roy Thompson Hall on September 10, 2007 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Eric Charbonneau/Wireimage) – Photo: WireImage

They lived together for three years and were engaged. But, some time later, Evan Rachel Wood accused him of various sexual abuse. The actress also launched a campaign to denounce this and other abuses against other women. As circulated in various media, there would be 15 women who came together to denounce Manson. His version is recounted in an HBO documentary entitled phoenix rising. There, the actress tells everything to which she was subjected in private and details of her turbulent relationship. But Manson has not stayed still and launched a legal action for defamation against the actress.

Before a court in Los Angeles, the singer accused Evan and his current partner, the artist Illma Gore, of document falsification and identity theft. Apparently, as reported in the complaint, both would have posed as FBI agents in order to convince other women to be witnesses against the accusations of sexual assault against the singer.

Amber Heard pointed out that she does not take back what she said in the trial with Johnny Depp.  Photo: montage WEEK.
Amber Heard pointed out that she does not take back what she said in the trial with Johnny Depp. Photo: montage WEEK. – Photo: Photo: Reuters and Getty Images, WEEK montage.

The first of June will be a memorable date for Johnny Depp, because that day ended one of the most mediatic trials, after that of OJ Simpson in the history of American celebrities. After six weeks of statements in the lawsuit filed by the actor for defamation against his ex-wife Amber Heard, who accused him before the world of domestic violence, Depp won the legal battle. The judge determined that “both defamed each other.” Amber had to pay him 10 million dollars, and he, two million. But everything indicates that the actor does not intend to receive that payment from him, because as he himself pointed out: “It was never about money.” Depp got off scot-free and although Amber stands by every word, her request to appeal the judgment was denied. However, she will not remain silent and promises to publish a book, because, according to her, “until death” she will keep her testimony.

Angelina JolieBrad Pitt
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced their divorce in 2016. (Photo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage) – Photo: WireImage

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced their divorce in 2016, after 12 years together and six children. But in the litigation they have waged since then, they have faced countless court battles. In 2021, they met several times over the issue of child custody. She refused to give in and situations of abuse against the boys, allegedly committed by Brad Pitt and his excesses with alcohol, even came to light. Ultimately, the actor was defeated in court. But In June of this year, he filed a legal action against Angelina for the sale of Miraval, a vineyard in the south of France that they both acquired in 2008. According to various US media reports, Pitt decided to sue his ex-wife for “intentionally harming her.” , selling his shares in the company to a stranger with poisonous associations and intentions,” the document states. This, because both had agreed that they would never sell their stake without the express consent of the other, and she ignored that agreement.

Antonio de la Rua Shakira
Shakira and Antonio de La Rua. – Photo: Getty Images for CineVegas

The Colombian singer and Antonio de la Rúa were boyfriends for 11 years. This relationship ended in 2011, and apparently it was on cordial terms. But two years later, he sued his ex with an argument that many described as unusual: According to De la Rúa, Shakira’s success was thanks to him, for which he deserved compensation and, in some way, to benefit from the economic gains. De la Rúa filed the lawsuit for 100 million dollars. This battle was dismissed, as Shakira showed that the issue between the two was clear and she was in writing that he had no impact on business. Some time later, it was she who accused him of misappropriating $2 million from his personal accounts.

The marriage lasted 4 years.
The marriage lasted 4 years. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The story between the actress and the Sun of Mexico has been one of the most mediatic in Latin America. They married in 2006 and separated in 2009. The result of that marriage was two children, and since then Aracely Arámbula has waged a struggle for the singer to fulfill his obligations as a father. Always through intermediaries and not in court. And it is that the paternal facet of Luis Miguel has been his Achilles heel. It was only many years later that he recognized Michelle Salas as his daughter.

In April of last year, Aracely’s lawyer, Guillermo Pous, spoke on the program windowing and noted that Luis Miguel has not met the support obligations for his children since the end of 2019. The response from the singer’s team is always the same: “There is no way to pay at this time”. What they are currently looking for is to reach an agreement to avoid going to trial, but if it is not achieved, the lawsuit is imminent, because she is tired.

It is worth remembering that, According to Aracely, nobody made her an economic proposal so that her name would be part of the successful Netflix bioseries about the artist. In fact, she made it clear that they could not use her image. It seems that Aracely will tell her own version of her romance that she lived for four years.

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