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Netflix did it again and presented a love story that conquered its audience and put its two protagonists in everyone’s sights. Sophia Carson She was already known for her work at Disney and for her musical career, but for many Nicholas Galitzine is a new face in the world of cinema. What not everyone knows is that he has been working as an actor for years.

Nicholas He was born in London, he lived a very quiet life during his adolescence with his family and it was at that stage that he began to show interest in the artistic. At the age of 10 he joined a choir due to his great passion for music. But he also defines himself as passionate about sports since throughout his life he practiced several such as rugby and participated in athletics competitions.

When he finished high school he attended Dulwich College and once he finished his university stage, he decided to dedicate himself fully to acting and for that he joined a theater company. His first job as an actor was when he was part of the cast of ‘The Beat Beneath My Feet’, in 2014. Since then, he began to be better known and has participated in more films such as High Strung, Handsome Devil, among others.

Although one of the moments of greatest recognition of his work occurred when he starred in the new version of Cinderella with Camila Hair. The film was released in 2021, through the Prime Video platform. In this story, which combines the musical with the theatrical, he played Cinderella’s love interest and won the hearts of several of her fans. For a moment there were rumors of a possible romance between the actor and the singer, but in the end they clarified that they are just very good friends.

Currently, his most recent film has given him a popularity that he never expected or imagined. Wounded Hearts premiered on Netflix less than a month ago and in the first weekend it managed to be at the top of the list of most watched movies on the platform in several countries. In this love story he plays a young aspiring Marine who meets Cassie (Sophia Carson), a young aspiring singer with whom he does not get along at all and who end up getting married because of a deal. But, despite her bad relationship, love ends up between them.

Thanks to this film Nicholas He went from having 600 thousand followers to a million in less than 24 hours. But this is not the only benefit she got from working on this movie. The actor is also dedicated to music, last June he released his first song titled Comfort and due to the premiere of the story on Netflix, this single reached more than 100 thousand views.

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