Nicolas Cage confirms that we will not have ‘The Search 3’

This months Nicolas Cage is experiencing a particularly sweet moment for his career, collecting the seeds of what films like Mandy either Color Out of Space. Parallel brand new Pig to great critical applause, the arrival of a project as wacky as The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is imminent: yes, that metafilm in which Cage plays himself and gets into a dangerous mess on behalf of a drug dealer who plays Peter Pascal. Prior to the arrival of this film the April 22 (in the US, we still don’t have a date for Spain), Cage has granted a complete interview to the hollywoodreporter where he reflects on his career.

Also, about the projects he was involved in that have fallen by the wayside. It was then that Cage confirmed that there will be no the search 3, or at least he won’t star as adventurer Benjamin Franklin Gates, a descendant of the Founding Fathers. In the wake of the eternally postponed sequel to Face to faceCage said: “Often what we read is just conjecture, without any basis or foundation. It’s the same with The Search 3. 14 years have passed and there has been nothing. But is it fun to think about it? Of course”. It’s strange to think about it, but in fact it’s been almost 15 years since the premiere of The Quest: The Secret Diarylast installment to date.

So Cage no longer has any interest in coming back a second time, after Jon Turteltaub directed this sequel to such a box office hit. How well these films have caught on with the public has led to talk from time to time of a possible extension of the saga, until a couple of years ago it was announced that a series of The search bound for Disney+. The curious thing is that during this same announcement Jerry Bruckheimerproducer of the title, said that it was also part of his plans to launch a third The search with the original cast Diana Kruger a Jon Voight going through Cage himself. Who either hasn’t found out about this plan, or has rejected the offer.

the series of The search its production is already quite advanced. It is starring Lisette Alexis as a young woman searching for answers about her family’s past, who ends up partnering in her adventures with a millionaire antiques expert in the quiet life Catherine Zeta-Jones. the series of The search It still has no title or release date, but it seems clear that its plot will be independent of the adventures of Cage’s character.

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