Michael Douglas, passion for cinema in the tartan of the stadium

The afternoon that Carl Lewis won gold in the long jump, two Hollywood stars were very close to the pit of the Lluís Companys stadium to cheer on the son of the Wind: Michael Douglas and Jack Nicholson. They arrived at Montjuïc in the middle of the afternoon. They got out of a car with tinted windows, accompanied by their partners at the time and mothers of his children, Diandra Luke and Rebecca Broussard, and well escorted by local security guards The entourage advanced through the crowd with Javier Escobar at the helm. The legendary public relations led them to the stands where they celebrated Lewis’s jump like on NBA nights shared on the Lakers’ court in Los Angeles.

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After that summer in Barcelona, ​​Douglas entered an exhibitionist spiral from which, 30 years later, he seems not to have come out. First he confessed that he needed to detox from his love of sex (sequel to ‘Basic Instinct’, with Sharon Stone). She later revealed that she had throat cancer because of how much she practiced oral sex. He overcame the disease already married to Catherine Zeta Jones and in another unprecedented exercise of self-improvement he also put pancreatic cancer on the ropes. There he remains, faithful to the long-lived dynasty of the Douglases.

In the chronicles of those Olympic days there is no record of how wild the parties of these artists were. They also did not do therapy through the press. Perhaps Douglas hadn’t gotten into the whirlwind he would later (apparently) regret. Nicholson had known the city well since 1975. In the last summer of General Franco’s mojama, Michelangelo Antonioni hired him for a movie with Maria Schneider that ran between La Rambla, La Pedrera and the Montjuïc cable car. Douglas came from S’Estaca, the Majorcan estate that he gave to Diandra in more pleasant summers, like the one in 92 in Barcelona.

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