Make-up ideas from Patrick Ta: the routine is unisex

He is Patrick Ta, founder of his beauty line and make-up artist of the stars, including Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Camila Cabello and Adriana Lima. By paying a little attention to his Instagram feed though, Patrick Ta could turn into your make-up artist too. On his profile, in fact, the make-up artist shared the secrets of his beauty routine, from skincare to make-up. A very natural look, invisible enough to enhance the facial features without being flashy. That’s why Patrick Ta’s is the right suggestion to give life to a genderless and unisex makeup, suitable for anyone who wants to highlight the face without completely transforming. The secret? Obviously, the preparation of the skin with serum, cream, eye contour and face oil. An extremely moisturizing and glow effect combination, which will allow the skin to become the perfect canvas on which to paint with make-up, creating a basic routine to use every day or to strengthen on special occasions. How to do? Here is the step by step guide.

Genderless makeup according to Patrick Ta: the basis

Patrick Ta’s make-up routine begins with a true professional secret: a veil of lip balm, to be slowly absorbed to become the base of a lipstick or, simply, to let the lips be soft and velvety. At this point, it is necessary to proceed with the application of the foundation. For summer 2022, the ideal is choose light formulations, perhaps water-based, to be spread all over the face with the help of a brush. At this point, the make-up artist of the stars continues using the bronzer to sculpt the cheekbones creating a light shading.

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The light contouring for summer 2022

Although almost invisible, Patrick Ta does not give up on a good face contouring to emphasize the features. That’s why he uses the concealer in a strategic way: in addition to dark circles, in fact, using an illuminating nuance is fundamental to create a chiaroscuro effect that minimizes the appearance of the nose. How to do? Spreading the concealer on the nose, up to the tip, and creating shadows on the side, to slightly reduce the silhouette. To fix the light in the right places, Patrick Ta uses, instead, a veil of powder, which he spreads all over the face to obtain a mattifying effect and, in particular, on the areas illuminated by the concealer.

Bronzer and blush to achieve the perfect summer complexion

The last step in Patrick Ta’s make-up routine focuses on the use of bronzer and powder blush. In this case, the precise position of the strokes of color is crucial. The bronzer, in fact, is positioned exactly under the cheekbone, while the blush illuminates the cheeks with a touch of color. Of course, the secret is to concentrate the color on the outside of the face and blend it towards the center of the face to obtain a “fake tan” effect very realistic. A comb to the eyebrows with some eyebrow gel and the makeup is ready.

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