Lizzo reveals why she stopped having “sexual” conversations with Rihanna

Lizzo She has become one of the most renowned artists today. Not only because of her incredible musical talent, but also because of the facility she has to talk about topics that for others are still taboo, such as the sex

This precisely happened while giving an interview in Watch what happens live with Andy Cohen. It all started when a fan asked her about her friendship with Rihanna and if the time could come when both women They will release some collaboration together.

This is the hottest message Lizzo has ever received

The interpreter of good as hell She started laughing and gave the exact phrase that Rihanna would tell her about this: “Obviously, I’d be ‘lizzbiana’ for a day.” She like that she has finished confessing that most of the conversations you have with your friend are “sexual”. To which Andy Cohen wanted to know more about these chats: “Really? Do you talk a lot about sex?”

Lizzo, as natural as ever, has detailed: “Well, we don’t talk much about sex, we just tell each other our experiences. We don’t talk about work. For me this is a game.

In addition, the artist has highlighted that other celebrities have fooled around with her, although she did not want to say who, but the name of the interpreter of umbrella went out again and has recognized that the most spicy message he has received is from her: “I would say that the hottest is one of Rihanna, but I just think that’s how she talks.”

However, the singer has added that these spicy conversations have ended since Rihanna gave birth to her first child with A$AP Rocky: “This hasn’t happened since, you know, mommy. ‘Mamirihanna.’ So congrats to her and A$AP Rocky.”

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