La Nación / The unexpected virtual meeting of Andrea Guasch and Emma Sofía

They are young and talented Paraguayans: Andrea Guasch, 24, the nanny who captivates in “La Voz Argentina”; and Emma Sofía, the 10-year-old drummer who is making her way in the international press, surprised with an unexpected virtual meeting through a direct broadcast on Instagram.

After advancing in the next round of the Argentine program, to interact with her fans, Andrea made several nights of live broadcasts on said social network and, this past Wednesday, the singer shared a talk with the little drummer Emma Sofía, who joined to his Instagram Live to talk about his projects.

The chosen one from Soledad Pastorutti’s team was happy for the achievements of the 10-year-old artist, so one of the topics of conversation was the premiere this Friday of the song “Magia” by José Viera and Jazmín del Paraguay, a punk rock composition, where the girl was as a special guest to perform the percussion in the single of the InOut Music artist.

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Andrea Guasch passed the second round in “La Voz Argentina”, after the battle with “All of me” by John Legend, where she sang for the first time in English. Photo: Courtesy.

One fact that Andrea revealed in the middle of the conversation was that Emma Sofía caused a lot of repercussion in Argentina in the month of March, after the girl played the drums in front of the Foo Fighters band musician in Asunción, Taylor Hawkins, days before of his death in Bogotá. The participant of “La Voz Argentina” reported that Emma Sofía headed the news headlines in the media in the neighboring country.

Likewise, both Paraguayan artists threw flowers at each other, since the 10-year-old girl confessed the admiration she feels for Andrea Guasch who is part of the most important talent contest in Argentina. In the same way, the singer from Curuguaty, from the department of Canindeyú, expressed how amazed she is with the talent of the little drummer and even expressed that she loves her very much.

The moment was very tender, but brief, since the 10-year-old girl said goodbye because it was already her bedtime, since Andrea’s broadcast was past 9:00 p.m. Similarly, the iconic moment was recorded by a screenshot where both gave a big smile for a photo, which the 24-year-old singer later shared in her Instagram story, where she wrote: “Today I got a pleasant surprise, Emma Sofía, thank you for your beauty, you are art.”

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Emma Sofía adds her talent to the collaboration with José Viera and Jazmín del Paraguay, who premieres the video clip for “Magia” this Friday. Photo: Courtesy.

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