Kylie Jenner, criticized in networks for not respecting health standards in a laboratory

When the controversy over the use of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s private jets seemed to fall into oblivion, the socialite engages in a new one. The younger sister of the Kardashian clan has been harshly criticized this week for some photos shared on her Instagram profile. The businesswoman owns her own brand of cosmetic products, something that links her directly to her laboratories. She took some pictures of her there, which she later shared on social networks, where she can be seen wearing a gown and surrounded by chemical material. The young woman has been heavily criticized in the publication, due to the lack of health measures that she shows in the images.

In the shared photos, the businesswoman, CEO of Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin, appears at her company’s facilities, showing that she is involved in the development of her brand’s products. A gesture that, although a priori seems normal, has ended up becoming a great controversy. “In the lab creating new magic for you girls. Better than ever,” the influencer wrote in her post.

The reactions came quickly. Kevin James Bennett, a cosmetics developer and also a hugely influential man on social media, lashed out at Kim Kardashian’s younger sister for not wearing gloves, a hairnet, or a mask, all in an environment that should be sterile. . Bennett claimed that Jenner failed to comply with the measures required in a space where cosmetic products are manufactured.

“He is misleading his followers into thinking that he is creating cosmetics. And I would like to know which ignorant manufacturer (in Italy) allowed him to organize this photo shoot in his laboratory and in the manufacturing area without following proper sanitation protocols. I need name because I want to make sure my clients NEVER work with them,” said Kevin James Bennett.

In addition to several photographs in the place, Travis Scott’s partner also includes some videos in which he is seen working and handling products, all without complying with security measures. Bennett has not been the only one to criticize the model’s ways, since Kylie’s actions have bothered, and a lot, several of her followers. “I just see a lot of broken lab standards,” one Jenner fan complains. But not everything was going to be forceful comments. Other users have chosen to ironize about the final result of the product. “Is your hair included too?” wrote another account.

Given the great controversy unleashed, the influencer has decided to reappear on social networks to give an explanation about the facts. “That photo is not made in a manufacturing plant,” she clarified. “I would never bypass health protocols and neither would any other celebrity or beauty brand owner. That is completely unacceptable, I agree,” Kylie agreed with Kevin James’ comment.

Jenner fights back

The influencer ensures that the images are not captured in a manufacturing plant

“This is a little personal space where I create my own fun samples and where I shoot for content that doesn’t come close to mass manufacturing,” Kendall Jenner’s sister made clear. Also, she threw a dart at the cosmetics developer. “No one is putting customers at risk! Shame on Kevin for spreading false information!” Kylie said. This is how the businesswoman, who accumulates more than 364 million followers on Instagram, settled the controversy, being the most followed woman on this social network.

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